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In volleyball, spiking is the act of scoring a point by slamming the ball over the net into the opposing court effectively and aggressively. In many ways, the mechanism of volleyball spiking is not altogether different from the act of slam dunking in the sport of basketball.

Volleyball spiking became very popular in the late 80's and early 90's with the massive proliferation of beach volleyball as a popular sport. Well known beach professionals such as Karch Kiraly used the volleyball spike to score devastating points on their opponents as well as wow the crowd with the Spike's air of theatricality. "Spiking" as it related to volleyball entered the international and American lexicon through video games, movies and the growing popularity of the AVP.

The volleyball spike as an offensive move is still widely used in volleyball, being the preferred offensive move of American Gold Medalist Eric Fonoimoana and AVP legend Stein Metzger.

Volleyball Spiking Drills for All Ages[edit]

Wall Spiking- players stand ten feet away from a wall with a volleyball. While focusing on their technique, players spike the ball at the ground just before the wall. They want to angle their hit so the ball hits the floor, then the wall, and comes back a height where they can hit it again. The goal is to repeat this process without moving more than a couple feet while keeping the process continuous. This drill works on a player's follow through and precision.[1]


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