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Volvo F84/F85/F86
Volvo F86.jpg
Manufacturer Volvo
Production 1965 - 1979,
approx. 58,800 produced[1]
Body and chassis
Class Medium size truck
Engine Volvo ohv I6 diesel engine
Curb weight 12,500 kg (27,557.8 lb) - 25,000 kg (55,115.6 lb) (gross weight)[1]
Predecessor Volvo Brage
Successor Volvo F6

The Volvo F84/F85/F86 was a series of medium size trucks produced by Swedish automaker Volvo between 1965 and 1979.

Volvo F84/F85[edit]

Volvo presented the forward control Raske Tiptop with a tilting cab in 1962. When Volvo introduced its "System 8" in 1965 the truck got a new, bigger engine and was renamed F85.[2] Between 1968 and 1974 Volvo offered a budget version called F84 without power steering and with reduced payload.

In 1976 Volvo upgraded the truck and renamed it F85S. The S-version had a bigger engine and a more comfortable cab.[2]

Volvo F86[edit]

In 1964 Volvo had mounted the forward control cab from Raske Tiptop on its Viking model. When Volvo introduced its "System 8" the following year, the truck was renamed F86.[3] The changes, however, were more extensive than that and included a new engine, a new eight-speed gear box and a general updating of most of the components.

Modernization of the truck in 1973 included a new plastic radiator grille. In 1976 the driver’s work place was improved with a more comfortable cab.[3]


Model Year Engine[1] Displacement Power Type
F84/F85 1965-76 Volvo D50: I6 ohv 5,130 cc (313 cu in) 117 bhp (87 kW) Diesel engine
F84/F85 1965-76 Volvo TD50: I6 ohv 5,130 cc (313 cu in) 165 bhp (123 kW) Turbo-diesel
F86 1965-79 Volvo D70: I6 ohv 6,724 cc (410.3 cu in) 150 bhp (112 kW) Diesel engine
F86 1965-79 Volvo TD70: I6 ohv 6,724 cc (410.3 cu in) 210 bhp (157 kW) Turbo-diesel
F85S 1977-78 Volvo TD60: I6 ohv 5,479 cc (334.3 cu in) 180 bhp (134 kW) Turbo-diesel


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