Vomitorial Corpulence

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Vomitorial Corpulence
OriginMelbourne, Australia
Years active1993–2008
LabelsChrist Core, Vomit Bucket, Rowe
Past membersPaul Green
Mark Hamilton
Alexander O'Neil
Ziggy Peters
Chris Valentine
Maria Green
Joshua Kellerman
WebsiteVomitorial Corpulence on Facebook

Vomitorial Corpulence was a grindcore band that originated in Melbourne, Australia. The band was started by Paul Green.[3] The band's name comes from Revelation 3:15-16.[4] Vomitorial Corpulence is widely known as one of the first Christian grindcore bands.[2][5]

Background and impact[edit]

Vomitorial Corpulence started in 1992 as a vision of guitarist and vocalist Paul Green, but did not get moving until 1993, when he hired on bassist Mark Hamilton and drummer Alexander O'Neil.[6] O'Neil quit in 1995 and was replaced by Christopher Valentine. O’Neil formed the unblack metal project Vomoth.[7] The band recorded their debut album, Skin Stripper, before going on hiatus for the first time. The album includes two bluegrass banjo tracks composed by Mike Keady.[3] In December 2001, Green moved to Minnesota and married Maria, who became the band's bassist, and hired on Ziggy Peters and Johnathan Kellerman on vocals.[3] Due to lack of a drummer, the band went on a second hiatus.[6] In August 2006, Green started the band back up with Hamilton and Valentine. The band ended in 2008.

Alexander O'Neil, the band's former drummer, joined Cryptal Darkness and Desolate Eternity after departing from the band. Valentine ran the label known as Christ Core Records, which signed the act Flactorophia.


Last known lineup

  • Paul Green - guitars, vocals (1993–2008)
  • Mark Hamilton - bass (1993–1999, 2006–2008)
  • Chris Valentine - drums (1995–1999, 2006–2008)


  • Alexander O'Neil - drums (1993–1995)
  • Ziggy Peters - vocals (2001–2003)
  • Joshua Kellerman - vocals (2001–2003)
  • Maria Green - bass (2001–2003)



Studio albums

  • Karrionic Hacktician (1995)
  • Skin Stripper (1998, Christ Core Records)[8]
  • Karrionic Hacktician (2006, Christ Core)
  • Skin Decomposition (2007, Christ Core/Vomit Bucket; split with Vomitous Discharge, Flactorophia, Engravor, Eternal Mystery, Demonic Dismemberment)


  • Pathetic Prolification (1997)


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