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Location near Sankt Andreasberg in Goslar district in Lower Saxony,  Germany
Basin features
Main source 660 m
River mouth Sperrlutter
under 440 m
51°41′40″N 10°30′08″E / 51.69444°N 10.502167°E / 51.69444; 10.502167
River system SperrlutterOderRhumeLeineWeser
Landmarks Villages: St. Andreasberg
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Physical characteristics
Length over 3 km

The Wäschegrund is a roughly 3.3 kilometre long tributary of the Sperrlutter near the mining town of Sankt Andreasberg in Goslar district in the German state of Lower Saxony. It rises at 660 metres in the vicinity of Landesstraße 519 to Oderhaus. It then flows in a south-southwesterly direction before joining the Sperrlutter in Silberhütte (de).