Władysław Leon Sapieha

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Władysław Leon Sapieha
Władysław Leon Sapieha.jpg
Born (1853-05-30)30 May 1853
Died 29 April 1920(1920-04-29) (aged 66)
Burial Krasiczyn
Spouse Elżbieta Konstancja Potulicka
Issue Kazimierz Leon Sapieha
Leon Aleksander Sapieha
Józef Adam Sapieha
Aleksander Józefat Sapieha
Adam Zygmunt Sapieha
Władysław Sapieha
Andrzej Józef Sapieha
Stanisław Sapieha
Anna Sapieha
Teresa Sapieha
Full name
Władysław Leon Adam Feliks Sapieha
Noble family Sapieha
Father Prince Adam Stanisław Sapieha
Mother Princess Jadwiga Klementyna Sanguszko

Władysław Leon Adam Feliks Sapieha (30 May 1853 – 29 April 1920[1]) was a Polish prince (Knyaz) and magnate, member of the Sapieha family (Kodeński line), landowner, social activist, deputy to the Diet of Galicia and Reichsrat.

Władysław Leon was the oldest son of Prince Adam Stanisław Sapieha and Princess Jadwiga Klementyna Sanguszko. He had two sisters and four brothers, among them cardinal Prince Adam Stefan Sapieha. From 1864 to 1871, Leon attended gymnasium, then studied law in Berlin and later in Heidelberg, and graduated in Lviv in 1876. After graduating, he spent one year serving in army. In 1877, he took a position as a clerk but resigned from the job after his brother Leon Paweł persuaded him to manage the family estate in Krasiczyn. In 1883, he was elected deputy to the Diet of Galicia where he was member of the "Center" Parliamentary group along with Prince Jerzy Konstanty Czartoryski. As a deputy, he was a member of the parliamentary commissions of budget, mining, lustration and taxes. He did not apply for re-election in 1889. In 1883, he became a member of the Economic Society of Galicia. In 1908, he was again elected to the Diet of Galicia. In 1910, he donated archives collected in Krasiczyn to Ossolineum. In 1915, he became a member of the life-saving committee for war-stricken people, established by his brother Prince Adam Stefan Sapieha. He also contributed to running the Agricultural Academy in Dublany.

On 30 July 1881, in Cracow, he married Countess Elżbieta Konstancja Potulicka, daughter of Count Kazimierz Wojciech Potulicki and Countess Maria Zamoyska. Władysław Leon and Elżbieta Konstancja had ten children:[1]

Władysław Leon died on 29 April 1920 in Lviv and was buried in Krasiczyn. He is great-great-grandfather of Queen Mathilde of the Belgians.[2]


16. Prince Józef Sapieha (1737–1792)
8. Prince Aleksander Antoni Sapieha (1773–1812)
17. Princess Teofila Strzeżysława Jabłonowska (1742–1816)
4. Prince Leon Sapieha (1802–1878)
18. Count Andrzej Zamoyski (1716–1792)
9. Countess Anna Jadwiga Zamoyska (1772–1859)
19. Princess Konstancja Czartoryska (1742–1797)
2. Prince Adam Stanisław Sapieha (1828–1903)
20. Count Andrzej Zamoyski (1716–1792)
10. Count Stanisław Kostka Zamoyski (1775–1856)
21. Princess Konstancja Czartoryska (1742–1797)
5. Countess Jadwiga Klementyna Zamoyska (1806–1890)
22. Prince Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski (1734–1823)
11. Princess Zofia Czartoryska (1780–1837)
23. Countess Izabela Fleming (1746–1935)
1. Prince Władysław Leon Sapieha (1853–1920)
24. Prince Hieronim Janusz Sanguszko (1743–1812)
12. Prince Eustachy Erazm Sanguszko (1768–1844)
25. Countess Cecylia Urszula Potocka (1747–1772)
6. Prince Władysław Hieronim Sanguszko (1803–1870)
26. Prince Józef Klemens Czartoryski (1740–1810)
13. Princess Klementyna Czartoryska (1780–1852)
27. Princess Dorota Barbara Jabłonowska (1760–1844)
3. Princess Jadwiga Klementyna Sanguszko (1830–1918)
28. Prince Józef Aleksander Lubomirski (1751–1817)
14. Prince Henryk Ludwik Lubomirski (1777–1850)
29. Ludwika Sosnowska (1751–1836)
7. Princess Izabela Maria Lubomirska (1808–1868)
30. Prince Józef Klemens Czartoryski (1740–1810)
15. Princess Teresa Czartoryska (1785–1868)
31. Princess Dorota Barbara Jabłonowska (1760–1844)



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