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A WOEID (Where On Earth IDentifier) is a unique 32-bit reference identifier, originally defined by GeoPlanet and now assigned by Yahoo!, that identifies any feature on Earth.[1][2] In 2009, Yahoo! released GeoPlanet's WOEID data to the public,[3] with the last release on 1 June 2012, after which Yahoo! decided to cease making the data downloadable until they "determine a better way to surface the data as a part of the service".[4]

WOEIDs are used by a number of other projects, including Flickr,[5] OpenStreetMap,[6] and Twitter.[7]


E.g. Berlin does not know about Germany, which itself doesn't know about Europe and so forth. GeoPlanet records, or places as they are called by Yahoo!, always (except one) have a reference to its parent place and therefore offer relations between places like the following:[8]

  • Parent (direct surrounding place)
  • Child (direct sub-places)
  • Siblings (places sharing the same parent and place type)
  • Ancestors (set of all parents)

If you take e.g. our company's district you will get the following family tree:

  • Deutschland (WOEID 23424829)
    • Bundesland Berlin (WOEID 2345496)
      • Stadtkreis Berlin (WOEID 1259838)
        • Berlin (WOEID 638242)
          • Ortsteil Pankow (WOEID 26821868)
          • Ortsteil Prenzlauer Berg (WOEID 26821872)
          • Ortsteil Wedding (WOEID 26821851)
        • Suan Luang (WOEID 12756344)
          • ...

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