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SO-1 1.jpg
SO-1 engine on display at the Polish Aviation Museum
Type Turbojet
National origin Poland
Manufacturer WSK PZL Rzeszów
First run November 1948
Major applications PZL TS-11 Iskra
Number built 580

The WSK SO-1 and WSK-SO-3 are Polish turbojet engines designed by the Instytut Lotnictwa (Institute of Aeronautics ) and manufactured by WSK PZL Rzeszów, to power the PZL TS-11 Iskra jet trainer. Thirty SO-1s were built, this being superseded by the improved SO-3, of which a further 580 were built.[1] The engine has a seven-stage compressor, annular combustion chambers, and a single-stage turbine.


Original production. Overhaul life 200 hours.[2]
Improved version of SO-3, intended for tropical use. Modified compressor, combustion chamber and turbine.[2] Overhaul life 400 hours.[3]
Modified version for PZL I-22 Iryda, 10.79 kN (2,425 lbf) rating, renamed PZL-5.[4]


Specifications (SO-3)[edit]

Compressor intake

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1988-89.[2]

General characteristics

  • Type: Turbojet
  • Length: 2,157 mm (84.7 in)
  • Diameter: 707 mm (27.8 in) width, 764 mm (30.1 in) height
  • Dry weight: 321 kg (708 lb)



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