Al-Sadiq Mosque

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Al Sadiq Mosque
Al-Sadiq mosque.jpg
Basic information
Geographic coordinates 41°48′47.6″N 87°37′29.3″W / 41.813222°N 87.624806°W / 41.813222; -87.624806Coordinates: 41°48′47.6″N 87°37′29.3″W / 41.813222°N 87.624806°W / 41.813222; -87.624806
Affiliation Islam
Municipality Chicago
Province Illinois,  United States
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1922

The Al Sadiq Mosque (Wabash Mosque) was commissioned in 1922 in the Bronzeville neighborhood in city of Chicago.[1] The Al-Sadiq Mosque, one of America's earliest built Mosque's and the oldest standing Mosque in America today. [2] This mosque was funded with the money predominantly donated by African-American Ahmadi Muslim converts.

Chicago Muslim Mission[edit]

Muhammad Sadiq - First Muslim missionary in the USA

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq arrived in America on February 15, 1920 and established 1921 the Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Muhammad Sadiq started a monthly magazine called “The Muslim Sunrise”, which contained articles on Islam, contemporary issues of conscience and the names of new converts. This magazine still exists.[3] Muhammad Sadiq attracted a thousands of converts in his short stay in America, most notably in Detroit and Chicago between 1922 and 1923.[4]

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community continued to grow and established more than 40 missions through America.[4] Four Ahmadi mosques can be found in the region today, with demographics that are a mixture of African-American, Indo-Pakistani, White, and Latino. Chicago served as the movement's national headquarters until 1950,[5] when it were moved to the American Fazl Mosque in Washington, D.C. In 1994 the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's USA headquarters were moved to Masjid Bait ur Rahman in Silver Spring, MD.


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