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Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) based in Wadebridge, Cornwall, is a grass roots social enterprise aiming to transform the area into the first solar powerered and renewable energy powered town in the UK.[1][2] The group plans to install 1 MW peak capacity of solar panels; with ten installations already in place and another ninety planned[3] they hope to generate at least a third of its electricity from solar and wind power by 2015.[4]

The WREN Steering Group consists of residents, councillors from Cornwall Council and Wadebridge Town Council, together with representatives of the Wadebridge Chamber of Commerce.[5]

The scheme could also generate £450,000 a year for the town with money coming from a Feed-in tariff which offers a premium price for renewable energy.[6] The county council has granted planning permission for four new solar farms and sent plans for a further five out for consultation.[7] In February 2012 the WREN project was awarded £68,000 as part of the coalition Government's Local Energy Assessment Fund[8] and in May 2012 won an award for Best Third Sector Business in the 2012 Cornwall Business Awards.[9]

In 2013 Stephen Frankel (chairman of WREN) was named South West Sustainable Energy Champion at an award ceremony in Bath.[10]


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