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Wafik Moustafa (الدكتور وفيق مصطفى, born 16 July 1948 in Cairo) is a London GP and a British Politician. He is the author of "Egypt – The elusive Arab Spring". He is Patron of Children's Leukaemia Global Foundation and Member of the Advisory Board, Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics (IPCGE). he is the founder and Chairman of the British Arab Network.

Early Life and education[edit]

Wafik Moustafa was born in Cairo, Egypt and has lived most of his adult life in Britain. He attended Primary School in Shimabara Sharqiya, Preparatory School Cairo, and Secondary School Cairo and was politically active in the student union.

Religion: Muslim

Moustafa studied medicine at Cairo University MB BcH 1974, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities LRCP LRCS 1981.

He is fluent in English and classical Arabic.

Family and background[edit]

Father Moustafa M.M. Sheikh Yussef Shama

Mother Zahya O'mara

Brother Mohammad, a chartered accountant and MD of Technomarble (Egypt) Served as a treasurer of the Ghad secular party.

Brother Morsi, a county court judge. Morsi stood for Egyptian parliamentary elections against the speaker of Egyptian assembly, it was widely believed that the voting was rigged in favour of the speaker who is currently in prison for corruption charges. Also Morsi has served as a deputy leader of the Ghad secular party.( Book reference; "A Grand Delusion" Democracy and Economic Reform in Egypt by Eberhard Kienle. )

Brother Moustafa, chemistry and physics lecturer.

The family has donated the first school in Kfr Nagah (an ancient village in Delta ) and also renovated the main mosque. And recently provided the land and building material for a new school.

Professional career[edit]

Moustafa set up his own practice in Nottinghamshire in 1982. He was appointed Honorary Lecturer at Sheffield University Medical School in 1986. He is currently a practising NHS GP serving the community in West London.

Moustafa was proactive in GP Fundholding and was in charge of Orthopedic service at Bassetlaw.

Moustafa has also served as a medical assesor for Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board (DLAAB) which gave him a holistic insight of people living with disability.

NHS Practice, ATMC (Acton Town Medical Centre) 122, Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 9BA

He is a staunch supporter of NHS as a provider of free medical care at point of delivery.

Contributed to regular public health issues on Arabic speaking Media notably Swine flu and Hepatitis C which is endemic in certain parts in the Middle East. Also spoke against female genital mutilation which is still practised in certain pro dominantly Islamic countries.

British Community Honours Award 2008[edit]

In 2008 Dr. Moustafa received 'The British Community Honours Award' for his work and dedication to community service, presented at the House of Lords by the Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP.

The Arab Telegraph – 25 years in political Arena[edit]

In May 2014, the English-Arabic London based publication recognised the social and political work of Moustafa for the Arab communities over the past 25 years by highlighting his activities insinde and outside the UK.[1]

Personality of the year 2012[edit]

London based "Themedicalmagazine" has nominated Moustafa as the personality of the year 2012.[2]

WORLD Alliance of Religions Peace Summit Sept 2014[edit]

A Plaque of appreciation has been presented to Moustafa in recognition of his outstanding achievements, contributions to the world peace, and deep commitment to the service of society.Moustafa participating at WORLD Alliance of Religions Peace Summit in Seoul, Korea September 2014.[3]

BBC Radio Arabic Service special programme[edit]

BBC Radio Arabic Service : a 2 Hours special programme August 2014  : discussion about Moustafa's career, social and political activities in the UK, including discussion about his book "Egypt the Elusive Arab Spring"

Political career[edit]

Moustafa was the first Egyptian-born British national to stand for UK Parliamentary General Elections as candidate for Bootle, Sefton (Near Liverpool) in 2005.[4] He also founded the Conservstive Arab Network (CAN).

In 2011 Moustafa led a Parliamentary Delegation to Cairo, Egypt, the first of its kind made up of Lords, MPs and senior political figures. The Delegation met with the Supreme Military Council; The Grand Sheikh of Azhar; and other political figures and leaders from a variety of political, youth and social organisations. The purpose of the visit was to find ways to engage with Egypt during their time of challenge and major crisis with the view of encouraging democracy and social change. The visit gave British politicians a chance to directly engage with Egyptians on many levels of society. Work is currently being undertaken on a similar Parliamentary Delegation to Tunisia and other Arab countries in the near future.

Moustafa has made similar trips to Tunisia, Lebanon, Israel, West Bank and Golan Heights. He supported the Arab Spring throughout believing it is a positive step to build free and fair Arab societies.

May 2015 Moustafa visited the UN in New York for meetings with senior Diplomats and officials about critical ME issues.

International Political and Inter-Faith Interaction[edit]

Moustafa moderated in a High-Level Panel on The Role of Parliaments for Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies and Combating Violent Extremism at United Nations Headquarters, New York on 21th July 2016. [5]

In January 2016 Moustafa was a key speaker at the Knesset (Parliament) of Israel, Jerusalem at the Forum for "Building a Culture of Peace in the Middle East and the Global Arena." Emphasizing the role of public diplomacy which plays a key role in facilitating the exchange of ideas, values and traditions through interaction between different communities. Cultural exchange gives us the chance to appreciate points of communality and where there are differences to understand the motivations and human aspects that underlie them. Moustafa says; I am a big believer in the value and importance of cross cultural activity and interfaith dialogue in supporting reconciliation and building world peace.

At the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy & Religion 2014 "The Promotion of World Peace through Inter-Faith Dialogue & the Unity of Faiths" (Rome, Italy; 31 March – 3 April 2014) [6] "Peace can be achieved that people learn the necessity to accept one another by tolerance and working for the common good of humanity."

In March 2014 Moustafa was a speaker at the UN-endorsed global summit on world peace at the United Nations Headquarters, New York. Moustafa was a participant at the US Congress, Washington D.C and Italian Senate, Rome Moustafa attended and addressed the conferences for Cultural Diplomacy – Interfaith,[7] The Levant Initiative for Global Peace and The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics at the United Nations, New York. Moustafa was a speaker at the Conference organised by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy "The Promotion of World Peace through Inter-Faith Dialogue" held in Rome at "Societa Italiana per la organizzazione Internazionale"(SIOI).

Moustafa was a keynote speaker at the inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 24 March 2014.[8]

July 2014 Moustafa delivered a keynote speech at the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics conference IPCGE held at UNESCO HQ Paris. His theme message was "We have to think culture of peace to achieve global harmony" [9]

May 2015 as Chairman of BAN and trustee of IPCGE made a speech about promoting dialogue understanding and world peace at Simon Wiesenthal Center LA to distinguished international audience.

Political point of view[edit]

A committed campaigner, Moustafa tirelessly advocates in the interest of immigrant and minority groups. He strives to encourage British Arabs to enter into mainstream British society. Through his work as an advocate for the British Arab community, he has argued for improved integration and assimilation into mainstream society of minority groups. He is a passionate believer in religious tolerance and equal rights for women. He is a supporter of the principles of secular politics and endorses a greater role for personal responsibility in a cohesive society.

Moustafa has chaired Egyptian and Arab organisations that has furthered his knowledge and practical experience of Arab issues in the UK and the Arab world.

Arab Spring[edit]

Moustafa sees Arab Spring as a defining moment against decades of tyranny and domestic injustice. It has on one hand presented the people in each Arab country with an extraordinary set of opportunities, and on the other hand with challenges and threats. The main concern it has been leaderless and at times has no clear direction, with the possibility of the political vacuum would be occupied by the wrong elements rather than merit and the good.

The second fear it is the leaderless nature of the uprising and the lack of a clear direction.

The education and media system are badly politicised with structural defectivness, that needs an urgent overhauling by using help from experts from Europe and US.

Moustafa believes that Egypt with the right support can play a pivotal role by setting the pace for reform within the Arab nations.

The literal application of European secularism would be hard to achieve as the Arab World did not experience a period of European-style renaissance in particular the fiercely independent universities of the thirtieth century Europe.

Moustafa sees that Arab World need to take a giant leap to bridge the current cultural deficit.

Moustafa contributed to the Arab Spring with dozens of interviews, debates, conferences and two fact-finding trips to Egypt.

Campaigning for respecting human rights of the Ahwazi Arabs in Iran, protecting their culture and traditional heritage. Key guest speaker at House of Commons Event with Robert Buckland MP and other senior members of Ahwazi Arab Solidarity Network.

Contribution to interfaith debate[edit]

Moustafa brought up as a Sunni Muslim from a Conservative background and believes in dialogue with different faiths.

"Egyptian Sunni Islam is unique for it being influenced by Shia'a doctorine of north Africa.

Religion has played a central role in the life and politics in the Middle East over the past 30 years. Moustafa believes that "theological establishment is in an urgent need to evolve" – The current conflicting and controversial Islamic teaching ended up in producing extreme radicals and violence however small in numbers, that has led to a negative perception of a great religion.

Moustafa over several TV Interviews and public debates has argued for a "Fifth School of thought – Ijtehad" that was arguably started a century ago by Islamic Reformer the grand Mufti of Egypt Mohamed Abdu "Islam needs to interconnect with all the people and religions" of the world to spread peace and harmony.

Religion a personal view[edit]

Moustafa believes in the importance of respecting the personal space of one's understanding and practising of religion, as a Muslim Moustafa has the conviction that Kemal Atatürk model in Turkey post WW1 is probably the best political framework for the Arab World to adopt for modernity and social-political reform. Atatürk "The religion of Islam will be elevated if it will cease to be a political instrument".


EGYPT - A Nation in Crisis[edit]

Building on his earlier book, Egypt - The elusive Arab Spring, Dr Wafik Moustafa presents a new and updated history of Egypt.[10]

Cover political development in Egypt up until September 2016. The book was mentioned on Al-Jazeera during an interview with the Author.

EGYPT – The Elusive Arab Spring[edit]

On the third anniversary of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Moustafa published a book that was forwarded by renowned journalist of the Times, Michael Binyon OBE and published by Gilgamesh in London. Moustafa's book "Egypt The Elusive Arab Spring"[11] was launched in Rome at the Italian Parliament in April where European politicians including the former Spanish Prime minister, Italian Foreign Minister and presidents of Croatia, Iceland and Italian Senators were present. The UK Launch of "Egypt – The Elusive Arab Spring" was held at RUSI Whitehall, London.[12]

Lord Sheikh hosted a discussion at the House of Lords (July 2014) with Dr Wafik Moustafa titled Egypt -The Elusive Arab Spring, where Lord Stone gave an overview about his recent visit to Egypt. The House of Lords library holds a copy of his recent publication.[13]

Media activities[edit]

An avid historian, Moustafa specialises in the culture and political history of the Middle East and the Arab World in particular. He is a leading commentator on British-Arabs and the Middle Eastern affairs and regularly appears on television, radio and other media and is widely regarded as a high-profile British-Arab politician.

  • Inside Story – Al Jazeera – More homes face demolition as Egyptian security forces warn people a buffer zone with Gaza is to be extended.[14]
  • Levant TV – Moustafa talking about stifling the Freedom at Egyptian Universities and the detention of 25.000 political Activists from Islamist and liberal opposition.[15]
  • ANB TV Moustafa discussed his book and explained how the Arab Spring has been aborted by the entrenched elements of the old regime and the military establishment.[16]
  • Interview in Rome on the Arab Spring and the current political and civil situation in Egypt ( EUROVISION – Italy )[17]
  • More than one thousand media appearances including Sky News, BBC World, BBC24, CBS News, Polish Media, Fox News, ABC News, Al Jazeera, Al Arabia, Press TV, Israeli TV,Iraqi, Abu Dhabi, Saudi, Lebanese, Iranian, Egyptian, Greek, Russian and French TV. Appointed the main political commentator for Al Jazeera TV on 2005 UK General Elections. Appointed the main commentator for Sky News during Egypt uprising in 2011.
  • One of the most recognised for his moderate views and representing British secular Islam ideas on British Arab and Middle Eastern current affairs both in the Middle East and Western World.
  • Commentates regularly in his capacity as a medical doctor on relevant issues.
  • Key guest speaker at Cairo International Media Conference (2010 post-WikiLeaks).
  • Key speaker at televised debate on future of Egypt and the Arab World in Lebanon
  • Numerous letters and commentaries have been published in the mainstream press and his comments are widely reported on and cited on the internet. The latest commentary was published in The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Independent about British Muslims taking responsibility to challenge and oppose extremism.
  • Writes on political, social and public health issues in Arabic and English publications.
  • Campaign for banning Female genital mutilation FMG.

Public, social and political activities[edit]

Dr Wafik Moustafa has actively been engaged in wide range public, social and political activities for over 25 years. He has held various positions within many organisations, some of which include:

  • Chairman and Founder of British Arab Network
  • Advisory board member, Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics (IPCGE)
  • Chairman of Conservative Arab Network
  • Parliamentary Candidate for Bootle Constituency (2005 General Election)
  • Chairman of the Egyptian Community Association UK – a registered charity
  • President of the British Arab Medical Association
  • Vice-Chairman and Co-founder of British Arab Association
  • Board member of the Arab Jewish Forum
  • Member of the Review Committee of the Parole Board
  • Member of the Board of Visitors of HM Prisons
  • Honorary Secretary of UK Friends of Alexandria Library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
  • Member of Board of School Governors for two schools
  • Board member of the Conservative Muslim Forum
  • Member of Conservative Foreign and Common Wealth Council(CFCC)
  • Member of CHATHAM HOUSE
  • Member of British Medical Association
  • Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Charitable activities[edit]

Dr Wafik Moustafa has been actively taking part in both local and international charitable causes for over 25 years. Some of which include:

  • Patron of Children’s Leukaemia Global Foundation
  • Goodwill Ambassador of the Unity of Faiths Festivals, a London-based Organisation
  • Oversaw transit from Egypt to Gaza of $3 Million consignment of medicine, medical equipment and ambulances on behalf Miles of Smiles 4 in August 2011
  • Fundraised for 1992 earthquake in Egypt
  • Fundraised for 2011 Pakistan floods
  • Sent medical aid and equipment in 1994 for Egyptian public hospitals through Medical Department of Egyptian Embassy
  • Fundraised for the injured during the 2011 uprising in Egypt
  • Organized Egyptian Community Association (ECA) charity educational classes for women
  • As Chairman of British Arab Medical Association, in 2008, lead the development of Arab Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (AICE) based in Arab League Head Office in Cairo
  • Provided health education and lifestyle information on numerous TV education programmes about diet, keeping healthy, swine flu, Hepatitis C, and hygiene
  • Contributed to Newspaper & TV health articles on general medical queries
  • Regularly provides free consultations for under privileged Non NHS patients
  • Support and donates to The Brooks Foundation
  • Provide integration training for immigrants, minorities and asylum seekers
  • Provided medical cover for the amateur boxing club and horse trial events in North Notts


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