Waiting for Bonaparte

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Waiting for Bonaparte
TMTCH-Waiting for Bonaparte.jpg
Studio album by The Men They Couldn't Hang
Released 1988
Recorded Woodcray Manor Studios, Berkshire
Genre Roots rock, Folk-rock, Folk-punk
Length 55:00
Label WEA
Producer Mick Glossop, Ben Kape
The Men They Couldn't Hang chronology
How Green Is The Valley
Waiting for Bonaparte
Silver Town
Singles from Waiting for Bonaparte
  1. "The Crest"
    Released: 1988
  2. "Island in the Rain"
    Released: 1988
  3. "The Colours"
    Released: 1988

Waiting for Bonaparte is the third studio album by The Men They Couldn't Hang. It was recorded at Woodcray Studios in Berkshire and was released in 1988. It is the first album to feature Ricky McGuire (ex UK Subs) on bass guitar. The album again features songs written about British culture and history. The only single on the album to feature a promotional video was The Colours. The video was given a Les Miserables style theme due to its historical lyrical content and features writer Paul Simmonds in drag playing the part of a woman of ill repute.[1] The song itself, however was banned by the BBC due to the line, "You've come here to watch me hang!", which echoed the events happening in South African townships at the time, in particular the plight of the Sharpeville Six. It still managed to reach number 61 in the singles chart. The Crest is the only single to have an extended remixed version.


The Men They Couldn't Hang[2]
Additional musicians
Producer and engineer

Track listing[edit]

Original Side 1
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength
1."The Crest"Paul SimmondsCush, Swill4:05
2."Smugglers"TraditionalSwill, Cush4:28
3."Dover Lights"Paul SimmondsCush, Swill3:40
4."Bounty Hunter"Paul SimmondsCush3:36
5."Island in the Rain"Paul SimmondsSwill, Cush4:26
Original Side 2
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength
6."The Colours"Paul SimmondsCush, Swill3:51
7."Midnight Train"Paul SimmondsCush, Swill3:08
8."Father's Wrong"Philip OdgersSwill4:32
9."Life of a Small Fry"Stefan CushCush3:39
10."Mary's Present"Philip OdgersSwill3:02
Additional Tracks on cassette and CD version
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength
11."Silver Dagger"TraditionalCush, Swill3:40
12."Restless Highway"Paul SimmondsSwill, Cush3:28
13."Country Song"Philip OdgersCush, Swill3:46
14."The Crest (extended re-mix)"Paul SimmondsCush, Swill12:01