Waiting for Touchdown

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Waiting For Touchdown
Compilation album by Sneaky Feelings
Released 1986
Label Flying Nun UK – FNUK 2
Producer Phil Yule, Sneaky Feelings
Sneaky Feelings chronology
Sentimental Education
Waiting For Touchdown
Hard Love Stories

Waiting for Touchdown is a compilation album by the New Zealand band, Sneaky Feelings, released in 1986. It combines songs from the album Send You and the singles "Husband House" and "Better than Before".[1]

Track listing[edit]

  • Side A
  1. Better Than Before
  2. Waiting For Touchdown
  3. Someone Else's Eyes
  4. Strangers Again
  5. Wouldn't Cry
  6. Not To Take Sides
  • Side B
  1. Throwing Stones
  2. Major Barbara
  3. The Strange And Conflicting Feelings Of Separation And Betrayal
  4. Husband House
  5. Won't Change


  • Kathryn Tyrie - bass guitar
  • John Kelcher - vocals, bass guitar, synthesizer, piano
  • Martin Durrant - vocals, drums, piano, synthesizer, percussion
  • David Pine - vocals, guitar, bass guitar
  • Matthew Bannister - vocals, guitar, organ, piano, synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion
  • Chris Neilson - trumpet