Waldeck, The Hague

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Haagse wijk-waldeck.PNG
Location of Waldeck in The Hague
Gemeente: The Hague
Stadsdeel: Loosduinen
Population: 16,866
Waldeck 06.JPG

Waldeck is a wijk in the Loosduinen stadsdeel. Waldeck borders Kijkduin in the southwest, Bohemen en Meer en Bos in the northwest, Vruchtenbuurt in the northeast, Houtwijk in the southeast and Loosduinen in the south.One of the areas of Waldeck is the Componistenbuurt.Waldeck used to be part of te Loosduinen municipality which was largely annexed 1n by The Hague in 1923 (except for Rustenburg/Oostbroek which was annexed in 1903 and Ockenburgh which was annexed in 1931).

Coordinates: 52°3′30″N 4°14′15″E / 52.05833°N 4.23750°E / 52.05833; 4.23750