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Founded in 2005 by Stephen Walker and Sally George,[1] Walker George Films is a production company producing films for British television, including BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Stephen Walker has directed around 14 films,[2] and was voted in the top 10 directors in the UK in Broadcast Magazine in 2007.[3] Sally George has directed or produced around 12 films,[4] including The Human Face with John Cleese, which was nominated for two Emmy awards.[5]

Two of their documentaries have followed the life of Alex Stobbs, who suffers from cystic fibrosis. The first, A Boy Called Alex, was broadcast in 2008, and the second, Alex: A Passion for Life (2009), followed Alex's first year as a chorister at King's College, Cambridge as he prepared to conduct Bach's St Matthew Passion in April 2009.

The company's first film, Young @ Heart, was released in April 2008 and documents the Young at Heart Chorus as they deal with deteriorating health but perform music that might be unexpected for their age.[6] The film has won numerous awards, including “Best International Feature” at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2007.[7]

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