Wallander – Tjuven

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Wallander – Tjuven
Wallander – Tjuven.svg
Directed byStephan Apelgren
Produced byMalte Forssell
Written byLars Lundström
StarringKrister Henriksson
Lena Endre
Sverrir Gudnason
Nina Zanjani
Release date
  • 19 August 2009 (2009-08-19)
Running time
87 minutes

Wallander – Tjuven (The Thief) is a 2009 film / television drama about the Swedish police detective Kurt Wallander directed by Stephan Apelgren. Tjuven was released to DVD and broadcast as part of the second series of the Wallander (Swedish TV series), as episode 4 of 13.


Some homes are burgled and a vigilante group is formed. Soon Wallander is convinced that a double murder has occurred, although no bodies have been found.



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