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Walt Jung
Walter G Jung
Known forAuthor and Electronic Engineer

Walter G Jung, commonly known as Walt Jung, is an American electronic engineer and author. He worked for Linear Technology and Analog Devices.[1] He has written a number of books, the most popular of which is the IC Op Amp Cookbook, which has been in print since 1974.[1][2][3]

He was named a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society in 1979 for his work on distortion in operational amplifiers.[1] He also was named to Electronic Design’s Engineering Hall of Fame in 2002.[3] He is highly regarded as a design engineer.[4][5][6]

Published work[edit]

  • Op Amp Applications Handbook; 1st Ed; Newnes; 2005; ISBN 978-0750678445.
  • Audio IC Op-Amp Applications; 3rd Ed; Sams Publishing; 1987; ISBN 9780672224522.
  • IC Op-Amp Cookbook; 3rd Ed; Prentice Hall; 1986; ISBN 978-0138896010.
  • IC Timer Cookbook; 2nd Ed; Sams Publishing; 1983; ISBN 978-0672219320.
  • IC Array Cookbook; 1st Ed; Hayden; 1980; ISBN 978-0810407626.
  • IC Converter Cookbook; 1st Ed; Sams Publishing; 1978; ISBN 9780672215278.
  • Unique IC Op-Amp Applications; 1st Ed; Sams Publishing; 1975; ISBN 978-0672211638.


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