Walter Lee (English politician)

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Sir Walter Lee or Walter Attelee (c.1350–1395), of Albury, Hertfordshire, was an English politician.


Lee was born in either 1348 or 1353. He was the son and heir of Sir John Lee of Albury, who died in 1370, and was the stewart of the household of Edward III of England. Lee's mother was named Joan. Lee's brother was probably Thomas Lee II, MP. By July 1373, he had married a woman named Margaret.


Lee was knighted by July 1370. He was a Member of Parliament for Hertfordshire January 1377, 1379, January 1380, November 1380, 1381, 1385, 1386, February 1388, September 1388, January 1390 and November 1390. He was MP for Essex 1391, 1393, and 1394.[1]

He was appointed sheriff of Essex for 1389, and was still sheriff when he declared himself the winning candidate in the January 1390 election.[2]