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Walter William Ahlschlager (July 19, 1887 – March 28, 1965) was a 20th-century American architect who had his offices in Chicago for many years. In 1940, he established an office in Dallas, Texas. He died in Dallas.

He is credited with designing:

  1. The Davis Theater, Chicago, Illinois (1918)
  2. The Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee (1926)
  3. The Uptown Broadway Building at Broadway and Leland in Uptown, Chicago (1926)
  4. The Sheridan Plaza Hotel in Uptown, Chicago
  5. The Sovereign Hotel at Kenmore and Granville in Edgewater, Chicago (Vintage Photo)
  6. The fieldhouses at several Chicago public parks, including Simons Park
  7. The Roxy Theatre in New York (1927)
  8. The Beacon Hotel and Theatre on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (1928)
  9. The City Place Tower (33 floors), 200 Park Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  10. The Carew Tower in downtown Cincinnati, the tallest building in that city until completion of the Great American Tower in 2010.
  11. A 42-story tower commissioned by the Shriners to become the future home of the Medinah Athletic Club in Chicago, the birthplace of the skyscraper. Although his selection for the latter project had been the result of a design competition, it was widely speculated that with so many other notable buildings on his resume, his appointment was practically preordained. This tower would later house the InterContinental Chicago.
  12. The Mercantile National Bank Building in Dallas, Texas (1943)
  13. The Wichita Plaza Building, Wichita, Kansas (1962)

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