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Welwel (also transliterated Walwal; Italian Ual-Ual), is a town in eastern Ethiopia known as the Ogaden. Located in the Werder Zone of the Somali Region, this town has a longitude and latitude of 7°03′N 45°24′E / 7.050°N 45.400°E / 7.050; 45.400Coordinates: 7°03′N 45°24′E / 7.050°N 45.400°E / 7.050; 45.400 with an elevation of 570 meters above sea level. The Central Statistical Agency has not published an estimate for its 2005 population.

Welwel was the oasis in Ethiopia where a border clash occurred in 1934 between the Kingdom of Italy and Ethiopian Empire. Benito Mussolini used this incident as a pretext to invade Ethiopia, which led to the Second Italo-Abyssinian War.

Records at the Nordic Africa Institute website provide details of a test oil well drilled at Welwel by Sinclair Oil in 1955, and about Fitawrari Wolde Amanuel primary school in Welwel during the year 1968.[1]


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