Wang Yiting

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Wang Yiting
Flowers 1931, Nantoyōsō Collection, Japan
Tang Poem Calligraphy, Nantoyōsō Collection, Japan
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang.

Wang Zhen (Chinese: 王震; Wade–Giles: Wang Chen; 1867–1938),[1] also commonly known by his courtesy name Wang Yiting (Chinese: 王一亭; Wade–Giles: Wang I-t'ing), was a prominent businessman and celebrated modern Chinese artist of the Shanghai School. He also used the art name Bailong shanren and as a devote Buddhist under other names. He was originally from Wuxing in Zhejiang Province, although spent most of his life in the city of Shanghai where he was a successful businessman-banker. Wang Zhen was a master calligrapher as well as a painter of flowers, birds, personages and Buddhist subjects. He was closely associated with and considered the disciple of the painter Wu Changshuo. It is sometimes said that many of his teacher's paintings were from Wang Zhen himself.

Wang Zhen's paintings enjoy a considerable popularity in Japan where he had made many trips in his business and artistic career. The Japanese reading of his name is O Itei. This Japan connection he shared with his mentor Wu Changshuo.


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