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wap3 Technologies GmbH is a capital company with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. It was established in 2000 and provides wireless applications to operators and consumer alike since 2001. wap3 is a publisher of mobile consumer services and its applications regularly rank among the top-5 in mobile portals.

To date, wap3 services are available to over 240 million mobile users in 31 countries, running more than 80 commercial implementations in 10 different languages. Wap3 describes itself as a "partners of choice“ for wireless applications in many major mobile portals.

wap3 has partnerships Wind, Telefónica, O2, Kpn, Telecom Italia, Telering, One, Orange, E-plus, Movistar, MTS, UMC, Telenor Montenegro, Bouygues

Update (06/06/2006): An Australian Technology company, Jumbuck Entertainment Ltd (ASX: JMB) announced that it has completed the acquisition of German company wap3 Technologies community business.

Under the agreement Jumbuck will acquire a 100% interest in wap3’s community business, research and development facility and related investments from wap3 technologies for a purchase price of €4.6 million (Approximately A$7.7million). wap3’s principals have committed to two year management contracts with Jumbuck.

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