War Mothers Memorial Bridge

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War Mothers Memorial Bridge
Coordinates 38°11′50″N 84°52′27″W / 38.19722°N 84.87417°W / 38.19722; -84.87417Coordinates: 38°11′50″N 84°52′27″W / 38.19722°N 84.87417°W / 38.19722; -84.87417
Carries US 60.svgElongated circle 420.svg 3 lanes (2 northbound, 1 southbound) of US 60/KY 420
Crosses Kentucky River
Locale Frankfort, Kentucky
Other name(s) Capital Avenue Bridge
Design box girder bridge
Total length 705.1 feet (214.9 m)
Width 44.6 feet (13.6 m)
Clearance above None
Clearance below 4.3 feet (1.3 m)
Opened 1938
Daily traffic 12,900 (2009)

The War Mothers Memorial Bridge is a box girder bridge that carries US 60 and KY 420 across the Kentucky River in Frankfort, Kentucky. The bridge carries approximately 12,900 cars per day as of 2009. The bridge was built in 1938. At some point, US 60 was shifted from the Singing Bridge just downstream to the War Mothers Memorial Bridge. This bridge connects Frankfort to the Kentucky State Capitol.

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