War Party (band)

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War Party
Origin Hobbema, Alberta, Canada
Genres Canadian hip hop
First Nations music
Years active 1995 — 2004
Associated acts RezOfficial
Big Slim
Members Rex Smallboy
Big Stomp

War Party is an award-winning Cree hip-hop group from Hobbema, Alberta.[1] Its members are Rex Smallboy, his wife Cynthia, Karmen Omeosoo and Tom Crier.[2] The band's music combines rap rhythms with aboriginal themes and stories.[3]


War Party was founded in 1995 by Rex Smallboy and three friends.[4] The group won the Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Rap Album in 2001, and was nominated again in 2002 and 2003.[5][6] As well, they were the first First Nations rap group to have a music video aired on Much Music.

War Party performed and recorded together for twelve years.[7] The group then disbanded; Hellnback and Big Stomp of the group went on to form RezOfficial.

In popular culture[edit]

The band's song "This Land Was Ours" is featured in Ari Gold's 2008 film Adventures of Power.


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