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"Wara" redirects here. For the village, see Wara, Poland. For the currency introduced in the 1920s in various places around Germany as a free economy experiment, see Wära.

The Wur or Wara (also known as Wur or Wara Mamund | Urdu: بڑو / وڑو مَاموند ‎ | Pashto: واړه / وړو مَاموند ‎), a division of Mamund (Urdu: مَاموند ‎ | Pashto: ماموند‎) clan - along with the Kakazai (also known as Loye Mamund (Urdu: لو ئے / لوئی مَاموند ‎ | Pashto: لوی ماموند‎) - are part of the larger Tarkani (Pashto: تر کا ڼي / ترکلا ڼي / ترکا نڑي‎, Urdu, Persian: ترکانی / ترکلانی / ترکانڑی ‎‎ | English spelling variants: Tarkani, Tarkalani, Tarkanri) Pashtun (پشتون / پختون) tribe who are mainly settled in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, but originally hailed from the Laghman province (Urdu: لغمان‎) of Afghanistan.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

They live in Umaray, Sewai, Damadola, Badan, Tani and Kamar villages of Tehsil Mamund, Bajaur Agency, Pakistan and also in Marawara and Shortan areas of Kunar Province, Afghanistan.[5][6]

Sub-divisions of Wur or Wara Pashtuns[edit]

  • Baramkazai (Pashto: برم کازي‎)
  • Barozai (Pashto: بړو زي‎)
  • Oryazai (Pashto: اوريا زي‎)
  • Inam Khwar (Pashto: انعام خور‎)
  • Badalzai (Pashto: بدل زي‎)
  • Daryazai (Pashto: دریا زي‎)


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