Warning (R. Stevie Moore album)

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warning: r. stevie moore
Studio album by R. Stevie Moore
Released December 1988
Recorded 1986-87
Genre Psychedelic pop, punk rock, lo-fi
Length 55:00
Label New Rose (FR)
Producer R. Stevie Moore
R. Stevie Moore chronology
Teenage Spectacular
warning: r. stevie moore
Has-Beens and Never-Weres

...warning: r. stevie moore... is the ninth 12" vinyl record album by DIY home recording pioneer and one-man band R. Stevie Moore. It was the last of four RSM albums released by New Rose Records in Paris, France. Most of the disc's material resulted from studio sessions for the previous album, Teenage Spectacular. Never officially reissued on compact disc, the expanded CD-R version is available by mail from the artist.

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. Manufacturers (5:26)
  2. It's What You Do (It's Not What You Are) (4:16)
  3. Alecia (5:37)
  4. You Always Want What You Don't Have (3:56)

Side two[edit]

  1. Jailbait (Williams) (3:41)
  2. The Whereabouts (3:35)
  3. Diary (3:23)
  4. Thinking (5:12)
  5. Getting Better (Lennon/McCartney) (2:54)

CDR Bonus Tracks:

  1. Melbourne (3:18)
  2. Melbourne [Factory Mix] (3:17)
  3. Rock 'N' Roll Kit (3:01)
  4. I'm Only Sleeping (Lennon/McCartney) (3:03)
  5. And Your Bird Can Sing (Lennon/McCartney) (2:03)
  6. And Your Bird Can Play (Lennon/McCartney) (2:03)
  7. Time of the Season (Argent) (4:39)

External links[edit]

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