Warren Antoine Cartier

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Warren Antoine Cartier
Warren A Cartier.jpg
Born 12 January 1866
Manistee, Michigan
Died 7 November 1934
Cause of death kidney failure
Resting place Pere Marquette cemetery,
Ludington, Michigan
Residence Mason County, Michigan
Nationality American
Education Civil Engineer from Notre Dame
Occupation businessman, lumberman
Employer self-employed
Known for developing Ludington, Michigan
Title General Manager, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, Mayor, Banker, Manufacturer
Spouse(s) Catherine (Kate) Dempsey


  • Warren Ray
  • Morgan Edward
  • Vincent George
Parent(s) Antoine E. Cartier
Eliza N. Ayers
Kate Dempsey c1888

Warren Antoine Cartier (January 12, 1866 – November 7, 1934) was a northern Michigan businessman famous for helping to develop the beginnings of Ludington, Michigan, in the nineteenth century.[1][2]


Warren is the third family member of Antoine E. Cartier and his wife Eliza Ann of a family of nine. He was born in Manistee, Michigan, on January 12, 1866. His family moved to Ludington, Michigan, in 1877.[2]


Warren went to parochial schools as well as public schools for his schooling while he was growing up. From there he attended a business college near Montreal for two years.[1][2]

Notre Dame[edit]

Warren enrolled at University of Notre Dame in 1884 at the age of 18 and graduated in 1887 with a Civil Engineering degree. While there he was on the first football team of the University. Some years later the university was expanding and their Athletic Association decided to build an enclosed field for the varsity sports. The problem was however, they couldn't raise funds for project. A letter was sent to Warren in June 1899 asking if he would like to help. He had a reputation of "respected for his abilities and for his genial character." He responded by purchasing 10 acres (40,000 m2) and furnishing the lumber required for the fencing of an enclosed athletic field. He also furnished the lumber required for a grandstand. Because of his generosity the athletics field was named the Cartier Field.[3]


Warren moved back to Ludington after he graduated from Notre Dame in 1887 to work with his father in various lumber businesses. He married Catherine (Kate) Dempsey on May 22, 1888. The city of Ludington embraced the newlyweds in a grandeur manner showering them with spledid wedding gifts, including table linens, silver spoons, pearl-handled fruit knives, oyster forks, teapots, pickle castors, decortive vases, and poetry books.[4] Their marriage produced 3 children: Warren Ray, Morgan Edward and Vincent George.[2]


Warren was a devoted Catholic. He helped found the Catholic Church Extension Society, which aided under-resourced poor parishes and missions around the United States. He was later awarded a knighting by the pope for his work and aid. Both he and his wife were communicants of the Catholic Church, in which they held membership in the St. Simon church of Ludington, Michigan.


Ludington State Bank

Warren held at one time or another the following positions in these various businesses:

  • Cartier-Magmer Company – secretary and treasurer.
  • Cartier Manufacturing Company – secretary and treasurer.
  • Cartier Lumber Company – secretary, treasurer and general manager.
  • Star Watch Case Company – secretary.
  • State Bank of Ludington – vice-president.
  • Bank of Fountain, Mason county – vice-president.
  • Mason County Real Estate Company – vice-president.
  • Rath & Cartier, partners of a full-scale lumber company.
  • Ludington State Bank – founder.
  • Ludington Gas Company – founder.
  • United Home Telephone Company – founder.
Elks Lodge (B.P.O.E.) of Ludington


Cartier was connected with or a member of the Knights of Columbus, Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, Knights of the Maccabees, Royal Arcanum, and the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association (he was president of the state association of Michigan for nine years; also a member of the board of trustees).


Warren was a supporter of the Republican party. He was a secretary of the Mason county Republican committee for two years. In 1908 he represented the 26th congressional district of the state as presidential elector on the ticket for the Republican party. He served two years as city recorder of Ludington, Michigan. Warren was the Ludington city mayor in 1899 and 1903.[1][2]


Warren A. Cartier house - Ludington

Warren and his wife's primary residence was at Ludington, Michigan. They received a fully furnished Victorian style home from Warren's parents when they were first married. The home was one door east and had recently been remodeled and updated.[5] Warren later built a home on the west side on Ludington Ave in 1905. This three-story neoclassical style mansion was built of Roman pressed brick and trimmed with Bedford limestone. It had a steam heating system, a pulley-operated draft system to provide cooling, and chandeliers of gas and electricity. The interior consisted of mahogany, cherry, walnut, white maple, oak, and hickory.[1] It is currently a Bed & Breakfast lodge.

In the winter time the Cartiers' home was at Fort Myers, Florida. They were neighbors of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone.[6] They lived about a block from Thomas Edison.[7]

Thomas Edison[edit]

Warren recalls in a newspaper article on the date of Edison's death that he visited the Edisons often in the past while in Florida. He mentions that Mr. Edison was deaf in his left ear and nearly so in his right. This made conversations "tiring" on the throat. He says Thomas Edison considered the handicap a benefit, since then he didn't have to bother with social matters and could then just concentrate on his projects he was interested in.[7]

Warren remembers Mr. Edison allowing his grandchild, Morgan Cartier Jr., to be photographed with him. Another picture was taken with Mr. and Mrs Edison holding hands with the grandchild, who was only five years old. He recalled how these pictures were precious and would become family heirlooms.[7]


Warren died in Chicago November 7, 1934, of kidney failure. He had a kidney ailment since October 27 and was hosipitalized then receiving medical attention and two blood transfusions. Warren is buried in the Pere Marquette cemetery at Ludington, Michigan next to his wife Catherine.[8]

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