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Warren Etheredge is a cultural conversationalist, interviewer, film analyst, writer, and mentor to screenwriters. He lives in Seattle, Washington.[1] Etheredge has written five books[citation needed] and is the writer or director of over 40 plays staged in New York City.[2]

Etheredge is the founder of The Warren Report,[3] a Seattle-based film and arts screening organization. The Warren Report's guiding statement is: "Question what you see, consider what you do not, draw your own conclusions."[citation needed] Etheredge conducts on camera or during live interview settings. As of 2009, Etheredge had conducted more than 1,000 interviews with authors, film professionals and other cultural icons.[citation needed] Among his interviews: Sir Salman Rushdie, film director Oliver Stone, and author Calvin Trillin.[4]

Etheredge is also co-founder of TheFilmSchool with actor/director Tom Skerritt, and screenwriters Stewart Stern, John Jacobsen and Rick Stevenson.[5][non-primary source needed]

Etheredge served for six years as curator of the 1 Reel Film Festival (at Bumbershoot) in Seattle — the nation's most-attended celebration of short cinema, attracting over 25,000 film enthusiasts to Seattle every Labor Day weekend.[6] He previously served in multiple positions with the Seattle International Film Festival.[7] He is also a frequent public radio contributor to public radio.[8]


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