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Walumbe is a character in the Ganda creation myth, The Legend of Kintu. He is the son of Ggulu and the brother of Nambi. His name is translated as "disease" or "death" and he is responsible for death on Earth according to Ganda mythology.

The Legend[edit]

In The Legend of Kintu, after Kintu passes all of Ggulu's tests, Ggulu gives him his daughter, Nambi, among other gifts to take back to Earth. He gives them multiple vegetable plants, a hen, and some millet. He warns them then to hurry back to Earth to avoid gaining the attention of Walumbe, Nambi's brother. He tells them not to come back for anything, but when Kintu forgets the hen's millet, he returns for it. After much deliberation, Kintu and Nambi allow Walumbe to stay with them on Earth for a time.

In tradition with Gandan culture, Walumbe, as a brother of the bride, claimed one of Kintu's children as his own. Kintu refuses Walumbe and continues to do so throughout the years. Frustrated, Walumbe, then begins to kill a single child every day. After conversing with Ggulu, Kaikuzi is sent to aid Kintu in sending Walumbe back to heaven. Walumbe grapples with Kaikuzi and then retreats by digging and hiding within the ground. Kaikuzi soon tires of pursuing Warumbe and asks all of mankind to be silent for two days to lure Walumbe out. When Walumbe finally emerges, children cry out at the sight of him and he again retreats into the earth. Upon Kintu's dismissal, Kaikuzi then returns to Ggulu and explains the situation. Upon hearing of this, Ggulu allows Walumbe to remain on Earth.

Walumbe is therefore blamed as the reason for death on Earth.


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