Waseda El Dorado

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Waseda El Dorado

Waseda El Dorado, also known as Rhythms of Vision, is a building designed by the Japanese architect Von Jour Caux and built in August, 1983. It is located near the Waseda University campus in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

The building design is a mixture of Art Nouveau and Japanese culture. Its interior features a Buddhist stave's giant hand pointing down from a ceiling of stained glass. The curving wrought-iron balconies take the form of lily pads, and the wrought-iron banister gracefully zigzags past elegant Art Deco stained-glass windows. Tattoo-designs adorn the ceramic figures, green-gold wallpaper is imprinted by Edo-style woodblocks, and iridescent tiles reflect the art of inlaid mother-of-pearl.


Ground-floor window
Detail of the facade
Stained-glass window

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Coordinates: 35°42′29.7″N 139°43′18.9″E / 35.708250°N 139.721917°E / 35.708250; 139.721917