Washboard Blues

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1927 recording by Paul Whiteman and His Concert Orchestra.

"Washboard Blues" is a 1926 popular song written by Hoagy Carmichael, Fred B. Callahan and Irving Mills and released by Paul Whiteman's orchestra in 1927, featuring piano and lead vocals by Carmichael.[1]

Paul Whiteman recorded the song on November 18, 1927, in Chicago with Hoagy Carmichael on piano. Two takes were recorded. Paul Whiteman recorded and released a new recording of the song in 1956.[2]

The song is an evocative washerwoman's lament. Though the verse, chorus, and bridge pattern is present, the effect of the song is of one long, cohesive melodic line with a dramatic shifting of tempo. The cohesiveness of the long melody perfectly matches the lyrical description of the crushing fatigue resulting from the repetitious work of washing clothes under primitive conditions.[3]

Alec Wilder first heard the song on a Paul Whiteman twelve-inch record on which Carmichael both played and sang with the large orchestra, Victor 35877-B.[3][4]


A copy of the lyrics from the Indiana University archives of the Hoagy Carmichael collection credits F. B. Callahan with the words to "Washboard Blues".[5]


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