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Phnom Banan temple (Khmer: ភ្នំបាណន់]) is the best-preserved of the Khmer temples in Battambang Province [Khmer ខេត្តបាត់ដំបង]. The distinctive five towers of the temple are similar to the much larger and more famous temple of Angkor Wat [Khmerអង្គរវត្ត] At the base of the mountain, is a step laterite staircase flanked by nagas.[1]


The 11th century temple was built by King Udayadutyavaranan 2 Khmerឧតយាទិត្យវរ្ម័ន២]son of the king Suryavaraman 1 [Khmerសូរ្យយវរ្ម័នទី១] and despite some looting it is in a considerably better state of repair than wat Ek Phnom. It was built to pray for the god and thank the wish that god help. In this era, they have a strong belief in the god. Especially in Hindu.[2]


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