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A water hog is a machine that removes water from sports grounds. The water hog was invented by Hugh McLaughlin.[1]

Driven by a rider, it has a wide, front roller that absorbs the water, transfers it to a storage tank, and allows it to be discharged in a safe location. Some water hogs can suck off excess water at a rate of 200 gallons per minute and throw it as far as 100 feet away from the machine. It is designed so that it will not damage the turf.[2]

Originally devised for use on cricket pitches,[3] it is now used at a wide range of sporting venues including golf putting greens,[2] football grounds,[4] American football stadiums,[5] and at gaelic football stadiums where it has proved very successful.[6]


The water hog at the Taunton cricket ground failed, in May 2006, delaying the start of the Somerset v Hampshire C&G Trophy match, which was subsequently abandoned.[3]


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