Water supply and sanitation in London

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Water supply and sanitation in London is provided by a number of private companies. The regional water strategy for London is produced by the Greater London Authority.[1] Much of the water supply and sewerage system was constructed during the Victorian era. Greater London is located within the Thames River Basin District.

Water supply[edit]

Water supply by population

  Thames (76%)
  Affinity (14%)
  Essex and Suffolk (6.6%)
  Sutton and East Surrey (3.4%)

London has well developed water supply infrastructure. Most drinking water consumed in London comes from the River Thames and the River Lee. Approximately 70% of all water supplied to London is taken from the Thames upstream of Teddington Weir.[2]

Greater London is currently supplied by four companies: Thames Water (76% of population), Affinity Water (14%), Essex and Suffolk Water (6.6%) and Sutton and East Surrey Water (3.4%).[3]


All of Greater London is within the Thames River Basin District.[4] The London sewerage system is operated by Thames Water and serves almost all of London, except for a small area where Anglian Water provides sewerage services.