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The Waterloo Ceremony is an annual event in which the Duke of Wellington pays a symbolic rent for his residence to the reigning Monarch. The ceremony takes place at Windsor Castle each year on the 18th of June.


Stratfield Saye House in Hampshire was bought by the people of the UK for the first Duke of Wellington; a gift for winning the Battle of Waterloo.

Every year, the current Duke of Wellington pays the symbolic rent to the reigning Monarch in the form of a flag.

The Ceremony[edit]

A silk French tricolour, with gold embroidery, and imprinted with the year of presentation upon it, is handed to HM The Queen by the Duke on the anniversary of the victory of the battle, while the Queen is at Windsor. Therefore, a new flag is produced each year.

Once the Queen is presented with the flag, it is taken by the Castle Superintendent, to the Guard Chamber, and is placed above a bust of the first Duke of Wellington.