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Waters is a surname, derived from "Wat", or "Wa'ter", an old pronunciation of Gaultier or Walter, and similarly derived from the surname Watson ("Wat's son").[1] The name is common from an early date in Wales and Yorkshire.[2][3]

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People with the given name Waters[edit]

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  1. ^ J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps Life of William Shakespeare 1912 Page 110 "Gaultier or Walter, which it is, I care not: Never did base dishonor blur our name, But with our sword we wiped away the blot; 40 Therefore, when ... “Walter,” pronounced Water; a pronunciation still traceable in the surname Waters.—"
  2. ^ Zimmerman, Waters and allied families - Page 45 Dorothy Edmonstone Zimmerman Allen - 19?? - The name Waters is found at an early period both in Wales and in Yorkshire Eng.,
  3. ^ One Waters family: some descendants of James Waters Jeanne Waters Strong - 1980 "... name Waters is found early in Wales and Yorkshire."