Waterway trail on the Moosalbe

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Waterway trail on the Moosalbe
(Wässerwanderweg an der Moosalbe)
Karlstal 015 edited.jpg
The Moosalb(e) in the Karlstal valley
Length 33 km (21 mi)
Location Palatine Forest
Highest point 473 m, Johanniskreuz
Lowest point ca. 300 m, powder mill near Schopp
Hiking details
Trail difficulty easy
Season all year round

The Waterway trail on the Moosalbe (German: Gewässerwanderweg an der Moosalbe) is one of seven themed walks on the subject of hydrology in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The path runs for over 33 km along the Moosalbe and Hirschalbe streams through the Palatine Forest and has 23 way stations.

Documentation by the State Ministry for the Environment and Forests[1] describes the route and gives detailed information on the geology, hydrology und climate of the area.


The following significant water management stations connected with mills, weirs, wells, springs, waterbodies and ecosystems lie on the route:

  1. Klug'sche Mühle, a mill with weir and mill pond
  2. Fischweiher source (source of the Karlstal)
  3. Fish breeding ponds
  4. Unterhammer, with a weir for driving the iron hammer mill
  5. Hummocky meadow (Buckelwiesen), an irrigation scheme
  6. Weir (Stauwehr)
  7. Iron smelting (Eisenschmelz)
  8. Stelzenberg Waterworks and spring
  9. Friends of Nature house of Finsterbrunnertal
  10. Rolling mill (Walzwerk)
  11. Borehole (Tiefbrunnen) III
  12. Engtalbach waterway management (Gewässerausbau) near Krickenbach
  13. Old Pumphouse (Altes Pumpwerk) in the parish of Schopp
  14. Natural section of the Moosalbe near Schopp
  15. Powder mill pond (Pulvermühlweiher)
  16. Powder mill (Pulvermühle), ruins of the old factory that produced black powder
  17. Hirschalb valley and mill (Hirschalbtal and Hirschalbmühle)
  18. Source of the Moosalbe
  19. Tiefenteich spring
  20. Submerged spring (Grundquelle), near Tiefenteich
  21. Langspateliges Laichkraut
  22. Oberhammer Waterworks with Boreholes 1 and 2 (near Trippstadt)
  23. Karlstal Gorge with its cave house and the Amseldell

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Coordinates: 49°21′17″N 7°45′06″E / 49.35472°N 7.75167°E / 49.35472; 7.75167