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Waxy may refer to:

  • a substance related to wax
  • colloquially for a waxworm (particularly used by anglers)
  • Waxy (band), an American stoner rock band
  • Waxy (horse), a thoroughbred racehorse
  • WAXY (AM), a radio station (790 AM) licensed to serve South Miami, Florida, United States
  • WSFS (FM), a radio station (104.3 FM) licensed to serve Miramar, Florida, which held the call sign WAXY-FM from 2012 to 2015


  • Waxy cap, a taxon of white-spored agarics
  • Waxy corn, a maize variety found in China in 1909
  • Waxy flexibility, a psychomotor symptom of catatonic schizophrenia
  • Waxy monkey leaf frog, a frog species found in South and Central American
  • Waxy potato starch, a new type of starch only containing amylopectin molecules
  • Waxy skin, a cutaneous condition observed in roughly 50% of diabetic patients with longstanding disease

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