Wayne Gladstone

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Wayne Gladstone
Born United States
Pen name Gladstone
Occupation Humorist, novelist
Language English
Nationality American
Period Contemporary
Genre Satire, dystopian
Subject Pop culture, news media, Americana
Notable works Notes from the Internet Apocalypse

Wayne Gladstone (also known as Gladstone) is an American writer, humorist and novelist perhaps best known for his work with Cracked.com[1][2] and the novel Notes from the Internet Apocalypse, the first in a trilogy of books entitled The Internet Apocalypse Trilogy.[3][4][5][6][7]

Following the release of Notes from the Internet Apocalypse, Gladstone has been interviewed on the internet's effect on pop culture by Esquire,[8] as well as appearing on Fusion.net in an interview hypothesizing the societal effects of the disappearance of the Internet.[9]

The second novel in Gladstone's Internet apocalypse trilogy, Agents of the Internet Apocalypse, was released in July 21, 2015.[10]


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