We're Here to Help

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We're Here to Help
Promotional poster for film
Directed by Jonothan Cullinane
Produced by John Barnett
Paul Davis
Written by Jonothan Cullinane
Starring Erik Thomson
Miriama Smith
Michael Hurst
Edited by David Coulson
Release date
  • 8 November 2007 (2007-11-08)
Running time
93 minutes
Country New Zealand
Language English

We're Here to Help is a 2007 Kafkaesque comedy film written and directed by Jonothan Cullinane and produced by South Pacific Pictures.


Based on a true story, Dave Henderson was audited 27 times from 1992 to 1995 after claiming a GST refund, and the Inland Revenue Department demanded he pay $NZ924,341.07 in taxes and penalties. He was charged with fraud, his business failed and he was bankrupted and had to sell his house. The IRD eventually conceded that he did not owe it $NZ924,341.07, and fraud charges against him were dropped. They also admitted that they owed him $NZ64,000.


Actor Role
Erik Thomson Dave Henderson
Miriama Smith Kath Harper
Michael Hurst Rodney Hide
Jason Hoyte Steve Arnett
John Leigh Lesley Costello
Stephen Papps Doug Johnson
Peter Elliott Bill Birch
Gabriel Reid Jeremy Griffin


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