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Origin San Diego, California
Genres Indie rock, punk rock, emo
Years active 2005–2016
Labels Triple Crown Records, Favorite Gentlemen, Doghouse Records
Associated acts My American Heart, CHON, Counterfit, Finch, Mister Valentine, Small Talk, Future Crooks, Snuffaluffagus, Empire Pleasure, Meraki
Website [1]
Past members Brian Warren - guitar/vocals
Scott Szikla - guitar
AJ Peacox - bass
Nick Brumme - drums
George Pritzker -guitar
Andy Seymour - bass
Marc Allen - drums
Andrew Lucia - guitar
Wesley Patrick - bass
Griffin Kisner - drums
Ryan Hill - bass/guitar
Lowell Heflin - guitar
Justin Greene - drums
Drew Pelisek - drums/guitar
Drew Bent - drums
Gabe Rodriguez - guitar/vocals
Mike Longfield - guitar/vocals
Cory Stier - drums
Dave Silverman - bass
Jeff Striker - bass
Garret Prange - guitar
Nathan Aguilar - bass
Landon Hedges - Bass
Marc Deriso- drums
Zach Small - guitar
Evan Backer - drums
Andrew Ware - drums
Shane Moylan - guitar

Weatherbox was an indie rock rock band from San Diego, California, led by singer/songwriter Brian Warren and currently composed of Warren and varied touring members.


Weatherbox was originally signed to Doghouse Records, on which they released an EP (The Clearing) and two full length records, American Art (2007) and The Cosmic Drama (2009). The band were most recently signed to Triple Crown Records under the label's Favorite Gentlemen imprint which was started by members of Manchester Orchestra in 2005. Their most recent LP is 'Flies in All Directions', which was released in May 2014.

Year Title Label Other information
2006 The Clearing Doghouse Records Debut EP
2007 4 songs EP ECA Records
2007 American Art Doghouse Records Debut LP
2009 Manbox EP Doghouse Records Collaboration with Mansions' Christopher Browder
2009 The Cosmic Drama Doghouse Records
2011 Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar EP Youth Conspiracy Records
2012 Split EP with Person L Human Interest
2013 Split 7" with Sainthood Reps Topshelf Records
2014 Flies In All Directions Favorite Gentlemen/Triple Crown Records



  • "Armed to the Teeth" (2007)
  • "The Drugs" (2007)
  • "The Clearing" (2009)
  • "Pagan Baby" (2014)


After touring the US in the spring of 2016, Weatherbox played their last show on Tuesday August 16th, 2016 at Che Café in La Jolla, CA. However, there's speculation from some fans that they may play shows or continue writing at some later point in time, based on the title of their last show, "Goodbye For Now Show". But as of Wednesday August 17th, 2016, Weatherbox is no longer a band. The entire show was streamed live on Facebook and can be viewed on their page for all those who were not able to attend.


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