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Weewerk, stylized as (weewerk), is an independent folk, roots, bluegrass, country record label and artist-management company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 2002 as an art-and-music salon series in the apartment of Teenage USA Recordings partner Phil Klygo and artist-curator Germaine Koh.[1][2][3][4] Klygo was Festival Director of Canadian Music Week from 2001 to 2007.[5]

Weewerk has released albums from Great Lake Swimmers, Elliott Brood, United Steel Workers of Montreal, The Barmitzvah Brothers, Barzin, Ox, Two-Minute Miracles, The Burning Hell, Filly & The Flops, Proof of Ghosts, Jenny Omnichord, Don Brownrigg, FemBots, Canteen Knockout, Art Bergmann and The Travelling Band.

The label's name is a play on the name of fellow Canadian record label Nettwerk, and was named for the small apartment space in which the company was founded.


  1. Great Lake Swimmers, Great Lake Swimmers
  2. The Barmitzvah Brothers, Mr. Bones' Walk-In Closet
  3. Elliott Brood, Tin Type
  4. Great Lake Swimmers, Bodies and Minds
  5. Barzin, My Life in Rooms
  6. United Steel Workers of Montreal, Broken Trucks and Bottles
  7. Great Lake Swimmers, Hands in Dirty Ground
  8. Ox, American Lo Fi
  9. Great Lake Swimmers, Ongiara
  10. United Steel Workers of Montreal, Kerosene and Coal
  11. The Two-Minute Miracles, Volume 3.5: Rats
  12. The Two-Minute Miracles, Volume IV: The Lions of Love
  13. The Barmitzvah Brothers, Let's Express Our Motives
  14. The Burning Hell, Happy Birthday
  15. Harmonica, Miaow, Miaow...BARK!
  16. Proof of Ghosts, Proof of Ghosts
  17. Jenny Omnichord, Cities of Gifts and Ghosts
  18. The Burning Hell, Tick, Tock
  19. Don Brownrigg, Wander Songs
  20. Canteen Knockout, Navajo Steel
  21. The Two-Minute Miracles, Volume I (re-release)
  22. The Travelling Band, The Redemption of Mr. Tom
  23. Various Artists, (weewerk) is 6!
  24. FemBots, Calling Out
  25. The Burning Hell/Jenny Omnichord, Split 7"
  26. Great Lake Swimmers, Song Sung Blue
  27. Jon-Rae Fletcher, Oh, Maria
  28. United Steel Workers of Montreal, Three on the Tree
  29. The Burning Hell, Baby
  30. Great Lake Swimmers/Audiotransparent, Split 7"
  31. Ox, Burnout
  32. Filly and the Flops, Filly and the Flops
  33. Canteen Knockout, Broken Down Town

Label compilations[edit]

On October 14, 2008 (weewerk) released (weewerk) is 6!, a compilation to celebrate their sixth anniversary.

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