Welcome to the Breakdown

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Welcome to the Breakdown (EP)
Welcome to the Breakdown Cover.jpg
EP by I Fight Dragons
Released November 30, 2010
Genre Electronic rock, chiptune, alternative rock
Label Atlantic
Producer Bill Prokopow, Brian Mazzaferri
I Fight Dragons chronology
Cool Is Just a Number
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Welcome to the Breakdown

Welcome to the Breakdown is the second EP recorded by I Fight Dragons. It was released under Atlantic Records, both on iTunes and their website, the latter offering the IFD exclusive "She's Got Sorcery" with the digital download. The title track "Welcome to the Breakdown" and the song "She's Got Sorcery" were both sent out via e-mail to all mailing list subscribers prior to the release of the album.[1]

The band would then continue to release the second exclusive bonus track of the album, "I Fight Ganon (Studio Version)", through the IFD Mailing list. The track is a full studio recording of their popular recreation of the theme to the video game series, The Legend of Zelda.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Brian Mazzaferri except "The Power of Love" written by Huey Lewis, Johnny Colla, and Chris Hayes

  1. "Welcome to the Breakdown"
  2. "No Kontrol"
  3. "The Power of Love" (Huey Lewis and the News cover)
  4. "Proxima Centauri"
  5. "Give It Up"
  6. "Not I"
  7. "Just Decide"
  8. "She's Got Sorcery" (Website Digital Download Exclusive)
  9. "I Fight Ganon (Studio Version)" (Mailing List Exclusive)


  • Brian Mazzaferri – Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Packy Lundholm – Vocals, Guitar
  • Hari Rao – Bass
  • Chad Van Dahm - Drums
  • Bill Prokopow – Vocals, Keyboards, Production


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