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Welsh 3000s are the 15 mountains in Wales with a height over 3,000 feet (914.4 m). Geographically they fall within three ranges, but close enough to make it possible to reach all 15 summits within 24 hours, a challenge known as the Welsh 3000s challenge. All 15 are classed as Furths by the Scottish Mountaineering Club, meeting the criteria for a Scottish Munro, and are on the official list of SMC Furths.


The length of this challenge (from the first peak to the last) is about 26 miles (42 km), but including the walk to and from any start point, it will total some 30 miles (48 km). Most people undertaking the challenge walk it, and many achieve it in much less than 24 hours. The record for the challenge (from first peak to last) stands at 4 hours 10 minutes and 48 seconds, set by Finlay Wild in 2019.[1] On 5 August 1989 a ladies' record was set by Angela Carson with a time of 5 hours 28 minutes and 21 seconds. On 17/18 June 1978 John Wagstaff of West Bromwich Mountaineering Club completed a triple crossing[clarification needed] in 22 hours 49 minutes, a feat which has yet to be repeated.[2][3]

The walk is also known as "The 14 Peaks": Carnedd Gwenllian (or "Garnedd Uchaf") is not always included, as it has the least relative height, being little more than a bump on the ridge rather than a separate summit in its own right. Many people choose to make the small diversion to include it on their traverse. There is also an option to include a sixteenth top, Castell y Gwynt in the Glyder range, which has been reclassified as a Nuttall since a survey in 2007.

The Snowdonia Society maintains a public database of persons visiting the 14 peaks in a single journey.

The Challenge[edit]

The Welsh 3000s Challenge involves standing on top of all the 3000 ft peaks within 24 hours, using no transport. While challengers can choose any route and summit the mountains in any order, anyone seeking to beat the record must start on Snowdon. Many walkers and runners prefer the alternative route, starting with Crib Goch, then visiting Garnedd Ugain before summiting Snowdon. Some challengers ascend Snowdon the night before, and sleep on the summit; others use the Mountain Railway to ascend Snowdon. Those who wish to climb all the mountains, rather than just standing at all the summits, often choose the Crib Goch route, starting at Pen-y-pass.

The south-western end of the Carneddau range viewed from Elidir Fach, in the Glyderau range.
List of peaks
Range Name(s) Height Grid
Feet Metres
Snowdon Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa 3560 1085 609543
Snowdon Garnedd Ugain/Crib y Ddysgl 3494 1065 611552
Snowdon Crib Goch 3028 923 624552
Glyderau Elidir Fawr 3031 924 610613
Glyderau Y Garn 3106 947 631595
Glyderau Glyder Fawr 3284 1001 643579
Glyderau Castell y Gwynt 3188 972 654582 If included
Glyderau Glyder Fach 3261 994 657583
Glyderau Tryfan 3011 918 664593
Carneddau Pen yr Ole Wen 3208 978 655619
Carneddau Carnedd Dafydd 3425 1044 663630
Carneddau Carnedd Llewelyn 3490 1064 684645
Carneddau Yr Elen 3156 962 673651
Carneddau Foel Grach 3202 976 688658
Carneddau Carnedd Gwenllian 3038 926 687670 If included
Carneddau Foel-fras 3090 942 697682


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