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Wentworth (season 5)
Wentworth Season 5.jpg
Region 4 DVD Cover
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 12
Original network Showcase
Original release 4 April (2017-04-04) – 20 June 2017 (2017-06-20)
Season chronology
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Season 4
Next →
Season 6
List of Wentworth episodes

The fifth season of the television drama series Wentworth premiered on Showcase in Australia on 4 April 2017, having previously aired on SoHo, and concluded on June 20, 2017. It was executive produced by FremantleMedia's Director of Drama, Jo Porter. The season comprised 12 episodes. The fifth season picks up just days after the death of Bea Smith and is therefore noted as the first season not to feature Danielle Cormack.[1]


After leaving viewers in shock at the end of last season, the story resumes in the days following Bea Smith’s tragic death at the hands of Joan Ferguson. Emotional, psychological and professional shockwaves pound the inmates and staff of Wentworth Correctional Centre. Governor Vera Bennett is under fire from Corrective Services and, with Will on suspension, she is relying more on her deputy Jake, not realising he is now Ferguson’s puppet. New top dog Kaz has a challenge to restore order amongst the traumatised inmates, though Sonia remains aloof focusing on her upcoming trial. Liz has to decide if she follows her heart or her head. Doreen struggles with being separated from her son and Boomer supports Maxine as she continues her battle with breast cancer. On the outside, it falls to Franky to break the devastating news about Bea to Allie.[1]



No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateAus. viewers
471"Scars"Mat KingJohn Ridley4 April 2017 (2017-04-04)101,000[2]
Both staff and inmates at Wentworth are dealing with the aftermath of Bea's tragic death. Allie returns from hospital while Ferguson is back in general population. Hounded by inmates wanting her blood, Ferguson takes advantage of their hatred by subduing her assailants during an exercise period and creating an aura of fear around herself. Kaz declares that all violence against other women in prison is banned, while Sonia prepares for her trial, confident that she will be acquitted. Vera is faced with the problem of who let Bea into a restricted area to attack Ferguson and finds herself taking unethical measures to cover herself. Boomer is distraught when Maxine announces that she is being transferred to Barnhurst, and Franky finds her freedom in peril as Mike Pennisi, the man she assaulted, comes back into her life.
482"The Bitch is Back"Mat KingAndrew Anastasios11 April 2017 (2017-04-11)96,000[3]
Franky is returned to Wentworth to face charges for murder - her case looks doomed when her DNA is matched to the murder weapon - the gun she took from Shayne outside the court during Ferguson's trial. She deduces that somehow Ferguson is behind it all. Bridget is devastated to see Franky back in prison, while Maxine says goodbye to the women before being transferred. Vera takes steps to discredit Ferguson's case, while Liz begins to doubt her decision to testify against Sonia when Doreen learns that she intends to give testimony.
493"Nothing But the Truth"Geoff BennettPete McTighe18 April 2017 (2017-04-18)88,000[4]
Franky enlists Shayne's help to prove her innocence and tries to place a distance between herself and Bridget. Facing accusations of being a weak leader, Kaz takes decisive action to stop the drug trade in the prison and Ferguson senses an opportunity to gain power. Liz takes the stand at Sonia's trial but things go horribly wrong when the defence counsel produces new evidence. As Sonia walks free from the court, Liz is returned to Wentworth, realising that she is in a worse position than ever before.
504"Loose Ends"Geoff BennettMarcia Gardner25 April 2017 (2017-04-25)85,000[5]
Doreen applies for a transfer to Western Australia, while Liz tries to contact Kaplan. Franky and Allie become closer, as Ferguson proposes to take control of the prison drug trade. Sonia enjoys the high life as the scale of her crimes becomes apparent, but finds that her freedom is short-lived.
515"Belly of the Beast"Fiona BanksMarcia Gardner2 May 2017 (2017-05-02)79,000[6]
Allie tries to come to terms with her grief. Doreen has her transfer hearing with the board, while Sonia resists Lucy's standover tactics. As the drug trade intensifies, Kaz accuses Will of supplying drugs to the women as their mutual hatred comes to a head. Franky sabotages a prison van as part of her escape plan, an action which places Kaz and Will in mortal danger, but enables them to forge a new understanding.
526"Happy Birthday, Vera"Fiona BanksJohn Ridley9 May 2017 (2017-05-09)80,000[7]
Jake and Ferguson conspire to ensure Vera has a memorable birthday, while Sonia and Boomer join forces in a new work project. Ferguson seizes an opportunity to exact brutal revenge on Lucy.
537"The Pact"Mat KingAndrew Anastasios16 May 2017 (2017-05-16)83,000[8]

Allie plots revenge against Ferguson, Franky plans to escape and Doreen is released.

Note: Final appearance of Shareena Clanton as Doreen Anderson
548"Think Inside the Box"Mat KingPete McTighe23 May 2017 (2017-05-23)73,000[9]
Channing's inspection of the workshop project ends in disaster, Franky and Allie plot to escape and Will and Kaz join forces to stop the drug trade. Bridget cannot cope with the strain of separation and breaks Franky's heart.
559"Snakehead"Catherine MillarAndrew Anastasios30 May 2017 (2017-05-30)74,000[10]
Vera refuses to believe Will's accusations against Jake, while Franky's attempts to help Iman leads to a startling discovery about her own case.
5610"Mere Anarchy"Catherine MillerMarcia Gardner6 June 2017 (2017-06-06)81,000[11]
Boomer asks Franky not to sabotage the work project, while Channing makes Jake an offer. Franky finds a way to clear her name, only for Ferguson to take action against her.
5711"Coup de Grace"Kevin CarlinJohn Ridley13 June 2017 (2017-06-13)81,000[12]
Vera finally accepts Jake's true nature, while Sonia tells Boomer the identity of Witness X. Franky and Kaz come up with a plan to get Ferguson, but events rapidly spiral out of control.
5812"Hell Bent"Kevin CarlinPete McTighe20 June 2017 (2017-06-20)119,000[13]
Two desperate women escape from Wentworth, while Will and Liz find themselves pushed to their very limits as they take decisive action to protect themselves.


On 21 July 2016, it was announced that FremantleMedia had renewed Wentworth for a fifth season, set to air in 2017.[14]

Jo Porter, the Director of Drama at FremantleMedia stated, "As season four comes to a close, the audience has witnessed a dangerous shift in the power base at Wentworth which is building to an unmissable conclusion next week. Wentworth has built a reputation for delivering a world with unexpected twists and turns where no character is safe. The season’s end provides a chilling platform for our script producer Marcia Gardner and the writing team to shape the next chapter for our regular characters, along with some new faces in the yard and on the outside. With series producer Pino Amenta at the helm, our ambition to keep lifting the bar and reward our audience both locally and internationally couldn’t be stronger."[14]

Penny Win, the Head of Drama at Foxtel stated, "Wentworth has gone from strength to strength over the past four seasons. Not only is it an international television success story, now showing in 141 territories, it is a ratings blockbuster and fan favourite for Foxtel audiences. We are extremely proud of this long-running drama juggernaut. It was a very easy decision to commission a further season of this brilliantly constructed and crafted program from our production partner FremantleMedia. There is a lot in store both for the women behind bars and those on the outside."



Episode Title Original airdate Overnight Viewers Nightly Rank
5-01 "Scars" 4 April 2017 101,000[2] 1[2]
5-02 "The Bitch is Back" 11 April 2017 96,000[3] 1[3]
5-03 "Nothing But the Truth" 18 April 2017 88,000[4] 2[4]
5-04 "Loose Ends" 25 April 2017 85,000[5] 9[5]
5-05 "Belly of the Beast" 2 May 2017 79,000[6] 2[6]
5-06 "Happy Birthday, Vera" 9 May 2017 80,000[7] 1[7]
5-07 "The Pact" 16 May 2017 83,000[8] 1[8]
5-08 "Think Inside the Box" 23 May 2017 73,000[9] 2[9]
5-09 "Snakehead" 30 May 2017 74,000[10] 2[10]
5-10 "Mere Anarchy" 6 June 2017 81,000[11] 2[11]
5-11 "Coup de Grace" 13 June 2017 81,000[12] 2[12]
5-12 "Hell Bent" 20 June 2017 119,000[13] 1[13]
  • Figures are OzTAM Data for the 5 City Metro areas.
  • Overnight - Live broadcast and recordings viewed the same night.
  • Consolidated - Live broadcast and recordings viewed.


AACTA Awards

Australian Directors Guild

  • Won: Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Drama Series — Fiona Banks (for "Belly of the Beast")[16]

Logie Awards

Home media[edit]

The fifth season of Wentworth is available on both DVD and Blu-ray formats in Australia, and DVD-only format in the United Kingdom. It is not yet available in the United States or Germany.

Set title Release date Additional
Region 1 Region 2 (UK)[18] Region 2 (DE) Region 4/B[19]
Wentworth: The Complete Season 5 (Australia)
Wentworth Prison: Season Five (United Kingdom)
TBA 9 October 2017 TBA 4 October 2017

Set details

DVD Audio

  • TBA

Blu-ray Audio

  • TBA


  • TBA


  • 4-DVD set (region 2 UK)
  • 4-DVD set (Region 4)
  • 3-Blu-ray set (Region B Australia)


Special Features:


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