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Origin Germany
Genres Folk music, Traditional music, Psychedelic folk, neofolk
Years active 1999–present
Labels Cold Spring Records (UK)
Ahnstern/Steinklang (A)
Bucranion (D)
Members Axel Frank

Werkraum is the creative music works of German musician Axel Frank.


Frank released material on CDRs and multiple compilations in the late 1990s and early 2000s until debuting with a full-length LP on Cold Spring Records in 2004. In 2005 the release Kristalle, Werkraum's second album followed. With Early love Music in 2008, Werkraum receive a more and more worldwide recognition.

Frank was a member of the band Sturmpercht, where he played under the pseudonym Hanns Aufschring, while his work for live sessions and for studio- and mastering engineering continued. New and more progressive works for Werkraum were announced for 2009 and 2010.


  • Diesel, Andreas und Dr. Gerten, Dieter: Looking for Europe - Neofolk und Hintergründe., Zeltingen-Rachtig 2005, ISBN 3-936878-02-1


Albums And EPs[edit]

Year Title Format, Special Notes
1999 Werkraum I CDR, Bucranion.
2000 Werkraum II CDR, Bucranion.
2004 Unsere Feuer brennen! Debut album, CD, Cold Spring.
2005 Kristalle Second album, CD, collaboration with Changes (band) Ahnstern/Steinklang.
2008 Early Love Music 3rd album, CD, collaboration with Changes (band) Ahnstern/Steinklang.
2009 Unsere Feuer brennen! Re-issue, CD, Cold Spring.

Compilations (selection)[edit]

Year Title Format, Special Notes
2000 From Nowhere To Nothing LP, Thaglasz.
2000 Death In June Tribute to Death In June, book + CD, Thaglasz.
2001 Za Dom Spremni LP, Thaglasz.
2001 Notre Domicile Est L'Europe book + 4 CDs, Thaglasz.
2002 Der Waldgänger DLP, Thaglasz.
2002 Security of Ignorance 10 LP box, Thaglasz.
2003 Thagalasz 6 10" + book, Thaglasz.
2003 Tonwerk Flammenzauber I CD, Eternal Soul/Bucranion.
2003 In Stahlgewittern II 5 LP box, Steinklang.
2003 Wir rufen deine Wölfe CD/LP, Aorta/Ahnstern.
2004 V.A. Eternal Soul LP box, Eternal Soul.
2004 Tonwerk Flammenzauber II CD, Eternal Soul.
2005 Perversion Vol. 14 Disc packaged with volume 14 of the Italian Ritual Magazine.
2005 Mia Runa DCD, Steinklang.
2005 Orkus 15 Disc packaged with volume 15 of the German Orkus Magazine.
2005 Looking For Europe Along with the book with the same name, featuring relevant folk and neofolk artists. 4 CDs in a box, Prophecy/Auerbach.
2006 Swarm Label compilation, DCD feat. "La lutte des jeunes", an exclusive and previously unreleased track by Werkraum in the original line-up from 1996, Cold Spring.
2007 V/A - Steinklang Industries II 2-CD Label compilation, DCD, Steinklang.
2008 V/A - Steinklang Industries III CD Label compilation, CD, Steinklang.
2008 V/A - Wilde Jaeger 2CD Compilation, 2CD, Steinklang.
2008 V/A - Orkus Compilation 41 CD Disc packaged with volume 41 of the German Orkus Magazine.
2008 V/A - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 1 - Cosmic Space Music 2CD Compilation, collected and edited by The Future Sound of London, 2CD, Platipus.
2009 V/A - Pagan Folk Und Apocalyptic Psychedelia CD Compilation, CD, Ahnstern/Steinklang

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