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IndustryVacuum Cleaners
GenreFloor Care
ProductsVacuums, Deep Cleaners, Steam Mops, Carpet Shampooers

Wertheim is a brand of domestic vacuum cleaners and floor care products.

The Wertheim brand name is owned by Godfreys and sold in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through Godfreys.[1] [2] [3]

History of Wertheim in Australia[edit]

The Wertheim brand was established in Australia in the early 1900s when German sewing machine manufacturer Hugo Wertheim moved to Melbourne with his partner. The brand achieved considerable success selling sewing machines, pianos and other electrical goods constructed of mainly Australian materials.[4]

The Australian Wertheim factory was closed in 1935 and was later turned into a Heinz factory and later re-purposed as a television studio for GTV Channel 9.[5] Shortly after, the brand was acquired by Australian retail company Godfreys, who continued selling sewing machines and vacuum cleaners under the 'Wertheim' brand, although manufactured by the Singer Company in Italy.[6]

The first Wertheim Vacuum released by Godfreys in the Australian market in 1988 was the TB1200. The TB1200 had an optional extra of a Powerbrush (PB1). The vacuum was fitted with a suction sensor that increased the suction as the restriction of airflow increased.[7][citation needed] After the initial success of this model, other models soon followed including the CT1000 and the RT1000. These were smaller machines designed to be lighter than the TB1200. The 1300i was released in the early 1990s, this model had a suction control feature on the handle.

The first generation of machines including the TB1200, CT1000 and RT1000 were manufactured by the Singer company in Italy. Later models such as the 3830, 4030, 5030, 6030, 6035 and W7000 were produced in conjunction with Electrolux first in their Swedish factory, then in their Hungarian factory. The current generation models are now all made in China, with the last of the European models being the W7000.

In 2015, Wertheim sought a new manufacturer for their W2000 Dog & Cat and SE9500 models, whilst being Chinese made - these units have proved to be a success for the brand in regards to overall reliability and customer satisfaction.[8] In August 2017, Wertheim released the W900 Series 7 model, a powerful bagged unit which features a Whirlwind Power Pulse power brush, with independent tests proving the unit picks up a substantial 36% more dust and dirt from carpets than the best selling bagless vacuum cleaner on the market.[9]

Past Reliability Problems[edit]

There has been active discussion online about reliability problems of many of the previous Wertheim models on review and discussion websites such as Whirlpool ,[10] Not Good Enough [11] and ProductReview.com.au [12]

Wertheim sought out a new manufacturer for their units in early 2015 with the release of the W2000 and W2500 models, whilst not manufactured in Europe like previous models, these units have proved to be a success for the brand in terms of customer satisfaction and reliability.[13][14]


[15] [16]

In early 2010, Wertheim's bagged vacuums received approval from the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice program.[17]

Current Australian Models

-W9000 Wertheim 7 Series - A bagged model with Whirlwind Power Pulse Power Brush - their most powerful machine to date.[18]

- W2000 Dog & Cat - A bagged model with Turbo Brush and various accessories aimed at pet owners.[19]

- W2500 - A compact bagless model with Turbo Brush and various accessories aimed at pet owners.[20]

- SE9500 Animal Pro - A premium carpet shampooer with extra accessories aimed at pet owners.[21]

Old / Discontinued Models

TB1200 / TGT1200 / TRB1200 / TRF1100 / CT1000 / RTN1000 / RT1000 / 1300i / 3830 / 3180 / 3280 / 1000A / 140 / 4601 / 4806 / 4808 / W4030 / W3030T / W5030 / W5035 / W6030 / XL180 / ET1400 / ET1600 / ET1700 / ET2000P / Rondo / SEM1200 / WDS1600 / W4430 / X3000 / X5000/ W3000 / W6035 / W7000 / ET2000 / W4412 / W4000 / SE9000

Wertheim - UK[edit]

In 2010, Wertheim UK launched a range of new machines to the UK market place - [1]. They are no longer sold in the UK with the website taking you to a landing page advising where to get service. The brand was distributed via the IdealWorld shopping channel[22] and promoted by How Clean Is Your House star Kim Woodburn.[23]

UK Models

Previously Available Models

- W4430
- W4412
- X3000
- X5000
- X1000

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