West Dolores River

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West Dolores River[1]
Physical characteristics
Main source 37°50′50″N 108°00′10″W / 37.84722°N 108.00278°W / 37.84722; -108.00278
River mouth Confluence with Dolores River
7,369 ft (2,246 m)
37°35′13″N 108°21′35″W / 37.58694°N 108.35972°W / 37.58694; -108.35972Coordinates: 37°35′13″N 108°21′35″W / 37.58694°N 108.35972°W / 37.58694; -108.35972
Basin features
Progression DoloresColorado

The West Dolores River is a 35.0-mile-long (56.3 km)[2] tributary of the Dolores River, in southwestern Colorado in the United States. Its source is northeast of Mount Wilson in the Lizard Head Wilderness of Dolores County, Colorado. The river flows southwest to a confluence with the Delores in Montezuma County.

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