West Hills (Box Elder County, Utah)

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For the mountains of the same name in Utah, see West Hills (Juab County).
West Hills
West Hills is located in Utah
West Hills
West Hills
West Hills (Box Elder County) in the State of Utah
Highest point
Peak Limekiln Knoll ((northwest)-West Hills)
Elevation 6,660 ft (2,030 m)
Length 20 mi (32 km) NNW x SSE
Width 13 mi (21 km) (variable)
Country United States
State Utah
Region (northeast)-Great Basin Desert
County Box Elder
Cities Blue Creek and Portage
Range coordinates 41°57′55″N 112°21′14″W / 41.965201°N 112.353855°W / 41.965201; -112.353855Coordinates: 41°57′55″N 112°21′14″W / 41.965201°N 112.353855°W / 41.965201; -112.353855
Borders on Samaria Mountains-(Idaho)-N
Malad River (Idaho-Utah)-E
Malad Range-(Idaho-Utah)-NNE
Salt Creek Wildlife
Management Area
(connected)-Blue Spring Hills-S & SW
Blue Creek Valley-W

The West Hills are a 20-mile long (32 km) mountain range located in northeast Box Elder County, Utah, United States.[1][2] The range is connected to the Samaria Mountains, a small range on the north in southern Idaho. The West Hills are also connected to another section on the southwest, the Blue Spring Hills. West of the Blue Spring and West Hills is a long north-south valley, the Blue Creek Valley.

The West and Blue Spring Hills also lie west of the south flowing Bear River (Great Salt Lake) which feeds into Bear River Bay of the Great Salt Lake's northeast.


The West Hills are slightly northwest trending. The peak elevations are from 5000-6000+ feet, with the highpoint of the range in the extreme northwest, Limekiln Knoll, 6,660 feet (2,030 m),[3][4][5] near the Idaho border and the Samaria Mountains.


Interstate 15 parallels the mountain range on its east and southeast, following the south-flowing Malad River, a west tributary to the south-flowing Bear River.

Interstate 84 traverses the section between the Blue Spring Hills on the southwest, a route from Idaho (northwest), southeast to Tremonton and then Brigham City.


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