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The Western Australian Sports Star of the Year, currently known as The West Australian ANZ Sports Star of the Year, is an annual award for sportspeople from the Australian state of Western Australia and/or playing for teams based in Western Australia. It has been running since 1956.

The award has had several multiple winners. Cricketer Dennis Lillee won the award five times (1971, 1972, 1975, 1976, and 1981), and is the only person to win the award in consecutive years on two separate occasions. Another cricketer, Rod Marsh, was the second person to win the award four times (1972, 1973, 1974, and 1981), and is the only person to win the award in three consecutive years. Golfer Graham Marsh (1973, 1977, 1985, and 1986) and hockey player Ric Charlesworth (1976, 1979, 1986, and 1987) also won the award four times, while swimmer David Dickson (1961, 1963, and 1966) and tennis player Margaret Court (1969, 1970, and 1973) won the award three times.

Cricket has produced the most winners of the award, with 14 winners. Ten athletes and ten swimmers have won the award, as well as eight footballers, six cyclists, and six hockey players.

List of winners by year[edit]

Year Winner Sport
1956 Morna Pearce Hockey
1957 Shirley de la Hunty Athletics
1958 Herb Elliott Athletics
1959 Brian Foley Australian rules football
1960 Bob Simpson Cricket
1961 David Dickson Swimming
1962 Bob Marshall Billiards
Dixie Willis Athletics
Haydn Bunton, Jr. Australian rules football
1963 David Dickson (2) Swimming
Bob Marshall (2) Billiards
Joyce Bennett Athletics
1964 Graham McKenzie Cricket
1965 John Ryan Swimming
Peter Kelly Cricket
Bill Walker Australian rules football
1966 David Dickson (3) Swimming
Phil Coulson Harness Racing
Barry Cable Australian rules football
1967 Brian Griffin Lacrosse
Bill Walker (2) Australian rules football
Lynne Watson Swimming
1968 Brian Glencross Hockey
Lyn McClements Swimming
1969 Syd Lodge Yachting
Margaret Court Tennis
1970 Margaret Court (2) Tennis
1971 Dennis Lillee Cricket
Gaye Walsh Netball
1972 Dennis Lillee (2) Cricket
Rod Marsh Cricket
1973 Margaret Court (3) Tennis
Roslyn Fisher Hockey
Rod Marsh (2) Cricket
Graham Marsh Golf
1974 Rod Marsh (3) Cricket
Rob O'Sullivan Yachting
1975 John Gilmour Athletics
Libby Felton Rifle shooting
Dennis Lillee (3) Cricket
1976 Ric Charlesworth Hockey
Dennis Lillee (4) Cricket
1977 Graham Marsh (2) Golf
Dean Williams Squash
1978 Rob O'Sullivan (2) Yachting
Barbara Wall Squash
1979 Ric Charlesworth (2) Hockey
Kim Hughes Cricket
Barbara Wall (2) Squash
1980 Kim Hughes (2) Cricket
Lou Austin Harness Racing
1981 Rod Marsh (4) Cricket
Sue Roberts Powerlifting
Terry Alderman Cricket
Dennis Lillee (5) Cricket
1982 Neil Brooks Swimming
1983 Steele Bishop Cycling
1984 Graham Lillingston Yachting
Peter Evans Swimming
Steve Malaxos Australian rules football
1985 Elizabeth Smylie Tennis
Graham Marsh (3) Golf
1986 Ric Charlesworth (3) Hockey
Geoff Marsh Cricket
Graham Marsh (4) Golf
1987 Peter Gilmour Yachting
Thomas Stachewicz Swimming
Ric Charlesworth (4) Hockey
1988 Elspeth Clement Hockey
1989 Terry Alderman (2) Cricket
1990 Bruce Reid Cricket
Ian Brown Swimming
1991 Roger MacKay Golf
Shelley Taylor-Smith Swimming
1992 Craig Parry Golf
Ramon Andersson Canoeing
Peter Matera Australian rules football
1993 Ramon Andersson (2) Canoeing
Dean Capobianco Athletics
1994 Darryn Hill Cycling
1995 Darryn Hill (2) Cycling
1996 Luc Longley Basketball
Robert Scott Rowing
1997 Luc Longley (2) Basketball
1998 Lucy Tyler-Sharman Cycling
1999 Justin Langer Cricket
2000 Rechelle Hawkes Hockey
2001 Dmitri Markov Athletics
2002 Simon Black Australian rules football
2003 Adam Gilchrist Cricket
Peter Dawson Cycling
2004 Ryan Bayley Cycling
2005 Ben Cousins Australian rules football
Robin Bell Canoeing
2006 Paul Burgess[1] Pole vault
2007 Michael Hussey Cricket
2008 Steve Hooker Pole vault
2009 Steve Hooker (2) Pole vault
2010 Lauren Mitchell Gymnastics
2011 Cameron Meyer[2] Cycling
2012 Cameron Meyer (2)[2] Cycling
2013 Kim Mickle[3] Javelin
2014 Mitchell Johnson[4] Cricket
2015 Nat Fyfe Australian rules football

List of winners by sport[edit]

Sport Winners
Athletics Shirley de la Hunty, Herb Elliott, Dixie Willis, Joyce Bennett, John Gilmour, Dean Capobianco, Dmitri Markov, Paul Burgess, Steve Hooker, Kim Mickle
Australian rules football Brian Foley, Haydn Bunton, Jr., Barry Cable, Bill Walker, Steve Malaxos, Peter Matera, Simon Black, Ben Cousins, Nat Fyfe
Basketball Luc Longley
Billiards Bob Marshall
Canoeing Ramon Andersson, Robin Bell
Cricket Bob Simpson, Graham McKenzie, Peter Kelly, Dennis Lillee, Rod Marsh, Dennis Lillee, Kim Hughes, Terry Alderman, Geoff Marsh, Bruce Reid, Justin Langer, Adam Gilchrist, Michael Hussey, Mitchell Johnson
Cycling Steele Bishop, Darryn Hill, Lucy Tyler-Sharman, Peter Dawson, Ryan Bayley, Cameron Meyer
Golf Roger MacKay, Graham Marsh, Craig Parry
Gymnastics Lauren Mitchell
Harness Racing Phil Coulson, Lou Austin
Hockey Morna Pearce, Brian Glencross, Roslyn Fisher, Ric Charlesworth, Elspeth Clement, Rechelle Hawkes
Lacrosse Brian Griffin
Netball Gaye Walsh
Powerlifting Sue Roberts
Rifle shooting Libby Felton
Rowing Robert Scott
Squash Dean Williams, Barbara Wall
Swimming David Dickson, John Ryan, David Dickson, Lynne Watson, Lyn McClements, Neil Brooks, Peter Evans, Thomas Stachewicz, Ian Brown, Shelley Taylor-Smith
Tennis Margaret Court, Elizabeth Smylie
Yachting Syd Lodge, Rob O'Sullivan, Graham Lillingston, Peter Gilmour

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