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The Western Dubuque Community School District, (also known as Western Dubuque or WD) is a school district based in Farley, Iowa (USA). The district, which operates schools in western Dubuque County, is the largest school district (by area) in Iowa. As of the 2007-2008 school year, WD has 2,776 students enrolled in its schools.[1]

General information[edit]

Map showing the areas served by the Western Dubuque Community School District (red).

The Western Dubuque Community School District serves an area covering 550 square miles (1,400 km2), including 19 communities in 5 counties.[2] The district's territory includes all of the western half of Dubuque County, eastern parts of Delaware County, northeastern Jones County, northwestern Jackson County, and extreme southeastern Clayton County. This area includes the towns of: Balltown, Bankston, Bernard, Cascade, Centralia, Dyersville, Epworth, Farley, Holy Cross, Luxemburg, New Vienna, Peosta, Rickardsville, and Worthington (all in Dubuque County).

The district currently operates:

WD is governed by a 5-member elected school board and is managed by an appointed Superintendent of Schools. Current school board members include: Jeanne Coppola, Gary McAndrew, Mark Knuth, Robert McCabe, and Scott Vaske. The Superintendent of Schools is Rick Colpitts.


Enrollment history & projections for the Western Dubuque Community School District 2000-2011.

In September 2007, there were 2,776 K-12 students attending WD schools. 2,432 (87.6%) of those students lived in Dubuque County, 103 (3.7%) lived in Delaware County, 137 (4.9%) lived in Jones County, 97 (3.5%) lived in Jackson County, and 7 (.3%) lived in Clayton County. Of public school students living in Dubuque County, 18.6% attend WD schools.[3]

Standardized testing results[edit]


Recent developments[edit]

Recently, there has been some debate over whether or not the town of Dyersville, Iowa should remain a part of the Western Dubuque Community School District. Some residents of the town have publicly expressed feeling "neglected" or "ignored" by the WD school board. The debate seems to stem from the fact that Dyersville lacks a full K-5 elementary school, the elementary school was K-1. A new elementary school is now built in Dyersville, it was opened fall 2011. It is located near US Highway 20.

Schools in Western Dubuque[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • [1] Bernard Elementary School
  • [2] Cascade Elementary School
  • [3] Drexler Elementary School
  • [4] Dyersville Elementary School
  • [5] Epworth Elementary School
  • [6] Peosta Elementary School

Middle schools[edit]

  • [7] Drexler Middle School
  • [8] Cascade Junior High School

High schools[edit]

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